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Herniated disc


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  • Best mattress for herniated disc: Physio review (buying guide)
    If you are one of the many people who suffer from the painful chronic condition of herniated disc, you know how much it can affect quality of life and daily activities. Indeed, a herniated disc is usually the cause of intense pain in the neck (cervical herniation) and lower... Read more
  • Bradycephaly: definition and management
    Bradycephaly is a medical term used to describe a condition where a baby's head has a flat or distorted shape. This condition is becoming more common, probably due to the prevalence of the supine position recommended for the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome. But is it serious? … Read more
  • Foldable bathtub for adults: physiotherapist opinion (effective against pain?)
    Faced with lower back pain, muscle tension or sensitive joints, many people are looking for a compact and versatile alternative to find well-being. For this, a foldable bathtub for adults is a fairly simple solution, but can be very effective. By offering a relaxing and soothing experience, it sets itself apart… Read more
  • Best mattress for sciatica: opinion of the physiotherapist
    In order to alleviate the pain associated with lumbosciatica, it is highly recommended to opt for a better mattress for sciatica. It is an interesting option that provides many benefits both in the short term and in the long term. Indeed, in addition to reducing back pain, this bedding also contributes to … Read more
  • Sleeping without a pillow: good or bad?
    Even if it seems unusual, there are people who are used to sleeping without a pillow and they like it. But is it good for your health? Is it comfortable? In this article, we'll answer those questions by discussing the pros and cons of this rather peculiar sleeping habit. Advantages … Read more

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