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11 reasons to lose weight when you have back pain

Article reviewed and approved by Dr. Ibtissama Boukas, physician specializing in family medicine 

Did you know that overweight and obesity are related to back pain? We therefore deduce that reducing his weight would also reduce his pain.


The problem is that losing weight isn't always easy. The process is simple – you have to eat less and move more – but there are many obstacles along the way. Temptations, low morale, bad influences, and so on. All these constraints have the effect of making us abandon our ambition to fit into our favorite jeans.


In this article, we'll explore 11 reasons to lose weight when you have back pain. The objective? Let these reasons serve as your motivation when you are about to give up your efforts and fall back into your ways.




1. Less pain


This is the most intuitive reason. If you are overweight, there is a good chance that this overload will affect your joints, and increase wear and mechanical stress on your body.


lose weight to relieve your back


In addition to this, inflammatory factors associated with weight gain could contribute to lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc.


By reducing your weight, you will observe a favorable effect on your pain. What more?



2. Better sleep quality


Obesity and overweight are associated with poor sleep quality for several reasons.


For one thing, excess fat around the neck area can affect circulatory pathways and cause sleep apnea issues. Some people stop breathing altogether for a period of time during the night in the presence of sleep apnea.


quality of sleep in obese people


Also, the poor quality of foods associated with being overweight (mainly, processed foods) affects sleep in several ways: acid reflux, heartburn, etc.


By opting for a healthy diet, you will improve the quality of your sleep. Guess what? A non-restorative sleep is strongly linked to back pain, and improving his sleep will have a beneficial effect on his lower back pain.



3. Better breathing


Being overweight affects the adrenal glands and the respiratory system. Besides the sleep apnea we discussed earlier, obesity increases asthma symptoms and allergies.


lose weight to breathe better


Back pain is also associated with an altered respiratory pattern, with breathing less coordinated and efficient. When you breathe less well, it becomes more difficult to exercise, which is essential for optimal back health.


By reducing its weight, it optimizes its breathing, which has a beneficial effect on long-term back pain.



4. Stress reduction


Typical situation: In times of stress, we tend to snack more. This makes us gain weight, something we immediately regret. We console ourselves by eating more, which induces a vicious circle that leads to overweight.


Junk food also contributes to aincrease cortisol levels, commonly known as the stress hormone. This has the effect of increasing our appetite, which generates anxiety in the long run.


weight loss and stress


In addition, stress is clearly harmful to the back. In addition to increasing muscle tension, the brain becomes hypersensitive to pain in the presence of intense stress.


For these reasons, we can conclude that healthy eating habits will not only help control his weight, but also his stress level which will have a positive impact on his lower back pain.



5. Better sex


Weight loss is associated with increased testosterone in men. In women, it is associated with a drop in cortisol levels, which stimulates sexual arousal.


better relationships while losing weight


Sexual relations are sometimes difficult in the presence of back pain. By reducing your weight, you at least put the odds on your side to take advantage of your partner.



6. Strengthening the immune system


Weight loss is a multi-faceted process. We eat better quality food, move more, sweat more, sleep better, etc. All these elements combined have the effect of boosting our immune defense, which has the effect of strengthening our system.


strengthened immune system following weight loss


Losing weight will therefore indirectly help heal injuries and illnesses such as back pain.



7. More self-confidence


It's not necessarily good, but having a more refined silhouette can increase your level of self-confidence.


But besides the physical aspect, it is the achievement of a goal that is a key element in weight loss. When you see that you have lost 4 kg on the scale, you can't help feeling proud.


self-confidence losing weight


Having self-confidence and feeling good about yourself is essential when you have back pain. As depression is unfortunately associated with lower back pain – especially chronic – losing a few pounds will only improve our mental…and physical condition.



8. More daily energy


Carrying fewer pounds is equivalent to expending less energy to function. This makes one feel more energetic and full of vigor.


Likewise, the foods you need to lose weight—often natural, healthy foods—will provide you with more energy and vitality.


recovery nutrition


The more you move, the better it is for your back. Weight loss is therefore an important catalyst when you want to be more active to overcome your back pain.



9. Better social relations


When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to take part in social activities and try new experiences. By joining, joining a gym or a tai chi class would facilitate new encounters, and strengthen the ties with our loved ones who accompany us.


social activities for weight loss


When you suffer from back pain, it is important to stay socially active to avoid isolation. These social activities give meaning to our lives, keep us busy, and make us feel valued.


Losing weight is therefore an excellent way to improve social relations, and at the same time keep us active and painless.



10. Cancer Risk Reduction


Bad news. Being overweight creates an inflammatory environment that promotes cancer cell reproduction.


being overweight increases the chances of cancer


The good news is that it is possible to reduce your level of inflammation by reducing your weight by 5%, according to a study carried out on post-menopausal women.


Since inflammation is also linked to back pain, weight reduction will kill two birds with one stone, and allow you to live a healthy and pain-free life.



11. Better Longevity


In addition to the increased risk of cancer, being overweight is associated with a risk of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, stroke, diabetes, and so on.


Obviously, this has the effect of increasing the risk of mortality. According to studies, obesity could reduce longevity by almost 14 years! Nothing to be happy about...


seniors reasons to lose weight


Fortunately, the situation is reversible. According to a study carried out by theBritish National Institute for Health and Care Excellence», Losing 3% of your weight when you are obese could extend your life by 2 years.



How to lose weight when you have back pain?


It is clear that losing weight is beneficial in reducing your back pain. If you doubted this premise, you now have 11 reasons to believe it.


The problem – and I mentioned it before – is that losing weight isn't always easy. I dare to hope that these reasons will serve as motivation when the pain au chocolat in the kitchen catches your eye, or when you smell the delicious smell of the chocolate cake prepared by your friend.


difficulty losing weight


But concretely, how to lose weight? Is there a method that would allow you to eliminate your extra pounds without too much difficulty? And as long as you lose weight, would it be possible to choose a diet that would relieve lower back pain at the same time?


It's your lucky day! Yes, this method exists, and I will explain to you how it will allow you to lose 4 kg in 30 days, in addition to relieving your back pain.


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