Back muscle training, accessible to all or difficult to access?

back back muscles

Already before going into details an anatomical reminder is necessary.

Do you know how many muscles we have in the back?

5? 20? 30 ?

Lost… more than 200! And yes that is a lot!

There are many muscles in depth (near the spine) but in order not to get lost, I'm going to make it very simple, and only list the main ones, or in any case what is mainly targeted during physiotherapy sessions.

The main muscles of the back

Latissimus Dorsi (the one that can give the V-look):

Rhomboids (between the two shoulder blades):

Trapeze (3 parts with a diamond shape starting from the base of the skull to the vertebrae a little below the shoulder blades):

spinal erector (two muscle masses on either side of the column):

Large circle and small circle:

Infraspinous and supraspinous:

Why bother building your back? What are the benefits?

It's all well and good to know how to do push-ups and to have bulging pectorals (chest muscles), but the body needs balance. If there is any imbalance then the likelihood of injury risk will be increased.

Your body is a whole, so take it as a whole and work all the parts of your body (don't neglect the legs). As for the back, if you have weak legs and a muscular chest there will still be a leg/trunk imbalance, and the body does not appreciate it too much.

So you will have understood: the benefits will not be precisely for one thing in particular, but the fact of strengthening the back will allow you to carry out the activities of life on a daily basis (carrying a baby, gardening, etc.) without having makes an unusual effort having to go to your physiotherapist or your osteopath for your overload problem in your lower back or your "false movement". It will help you with your posture, your sheathing, your back pain or between the shoulder blades… and maybe even in your contact with others. Having your shoulders “back” will unconsciously increase your self-confidence.

The 6 commandments to reduce the risk of back pain

It's classic, we repeat ourselves but respecting the main pillars remains essential:

  1. ADAPTED physical activity that makes you want to and with which you will not be demotivated after a few weeks or months
  2. A voucher sleep to allow your body to properly recover from its day (for that you will have to wait for the article on sleep)
  3. A good nutrition goes hand in hand with good hydration, avoid processed or ultra-processed products as much as possible, this will allow your body to undergo less physiological stress linked to sweeteners, refined sugars and other chemical compounds (but be careful not to fall into the trap of that which is restricted for everything). Indulge yourself but in a reasonable way "the poison remains the quantity".
  4. A healthy lifestyle (without tobacco, alcohol, drugs, medication)
  5. Be active in your day, be mobile, move when your body tells you to, change positions regularly
  6. And if you really want to put all the chances on your side, the bedding there is still something that is very rarely talked about and that will ensure that your sleep will be restorative. Several factors come into play but I would go out of the subject of the article.

To sum up, adopt a respectable lifestyle, think about the three main pillars (sleep, nutrition/hydration, physical activity) and you will be on the right track to not having back problems. You just have to move because movement is and will remain your best ally.

Practical aspect: Back muscles (exercises)

Now that we've seen the theory, let's move on to the practice (my favorite part)

You will understand why!

Still there ?

Great, so I'm going to show you exercises to do at home without equipment. (Non-exhaustive list) Then exercises for those who have bodybuilding equipment (dumbbells, rubber bands, etc.)

Exercises to do at home without equipment

To begin :


Snow Angel:

Wall walk (advanced):

Inchworm (intermediate):

And me, if I have equipment?

Don't panic, I also thought of you:

Exercise with equipment or bodybuilding equipment (dumbbells, rubber bands, etc.)


Scapula Pull Up:

Scapula Pull Up 2:

Sweater :

Batwing Row:

TRX Row:


Now you have the cards in hand to take care of yourself and especially your BACK!

The list is obviously not exhaustive, they have been chosen for the relevance of the muscle groups solicited

It was a pleasure once again to have been able to share my approach.

It was Louis thank you for reading me don't hesitate to give me feedback on my Instagram @coachingphysio.

See you soon for a new theme.

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