Bertolotti Syndrome: Definition and Management

bertolotti syndrome
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Article reviewed and approved by Dr. Ibtissama Boukas, physician specializing in family medicine 

Bertolotti syndrome refers to the presence of pain resulting from an anatomical variant called " sacralization lumbar”. This is a partial or total merger of the vertebrate L5 with the sacrum (and sometimes the iliac bone).

bertolotti syndrome

Surprisingly, this condition is relatively common in the general population, with a prevalence between 4 and 30%. However, it is little taken into account in the diagnosis and management of low back pain.

Sometimes asymptomatic, lumbar sacralization has been linked to anatomical and biomechanical changes that can cause lower back pain and other symptoms. Bertolotti syndrome should therefore be considered as a differential diagnosis in the treatment of back pain.

To know everything about L5 lumbar sacralization (painful or not), see the following article.

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