Heating pad for the back: our advice and recommendations

lumbar support cushion

Back pain, muscle tension, sensitive joints, lower back pain… the heating pillow is an accessory that can help you relieve various pains and relax. In addition to calming back pain, it soothes the joints and relaxes the muscles.

There are different types to suit all needs and budgets. For those who are interested, we are going to give you proposals for the back heating pad recommended by experts and users.

ProductHeating pillow
Who is it for?-For people who suffer from lumbar osteoarthritis
-For people who suffer from herniated disc ou sciatica
-For people who suffer from muscle tension in the back
-For people who want to find a (temporary) solution to low back pain
The inconvenients– Not too suitable for pregnant women
– Temperature level difficult to control for some models
– Delicate handling for electric models
– Not suitable for people who cannot tolerate heat
– Lack of scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness in treating back pain
The alternatives– Sacroiliac belt
– Mattress against back pain
Our opinion– Highly appreciated by consumers for its comforting effect
– Worth trying
– Can perfectly accompany a treatment prescribed by the doctor

Our recommendations

Here are our picks of the best heating pads around. We have chosen them for you based on our expertise in the field and comments from users.

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Heating pad for the back: a practical accessory against back pain

For you who suffer from back pain, le heating pillow could be your best ally on a daily basis. It is a medical device that doctors and physiotherapists (physiotherapists) recommend for calm the pain.

As its name suggests, this type of cushion diffuses heat which acts directly on the targeted area by promoting blood circulation. This brings many benefits for the whole body such as:

  • relieve back pain ;
  • relax the muscles ;
  • easily evacuate toxins;
  • promote the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the body's tissues and organs.

During the cold season, the heating pad for the back is a best gear for keeping warm.

The pros and cons of different types of heating pads for the back


The benefits of back heating pads are numerous. For starters, they relieve back pain and allow you to relax. It is a device that can greatly help you get rid of the heavy stress of the day.

Models are usually space-saving and lightweight. You can easily take them anywhere you go and use them anytime. This is particularly the case with battery heating pads, battery heating pads and chemical heating pads.

For heating pads to be heated, they must be placed in the microwave, on a heated pan or on a radiator. They are therefore impractical. However, they allow a great saving of energy since you are only going to heat them for a few minutes.

Acting in a natural way, heating pads for the back are suitable for everyone. If you opt for the versatile models, you will be well served. These can be used on all parts of the body: neck, neck, hips, hips, legs, etc.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the majority of cushion models sold on the market are currently equipped with a washable cover. These medical devices have therefore been entirely designed to respect your hygiene and your health.


Despite its health benefits, pillows also have drawbacks that are important to be aware of.

In pregnant women, prolonged use of the heating pad should be avoided. It turns out the excess temperature can be harmful to the fetus. This can lead to various complications, including abnormalities of the neural tube and miscarriage. To enjoy the benefits of the heating pad safely, it is best to expose yourself to low temperatures for a maximum of 15 minutes.

The principle of heating pads is to heal by heat, with a temperature that the body can withstand. However, with heated models and chemical models, it is sometimes difficult to control the temperature level. If the latter is too high, you risk burning yourself, or worse, you can create a fire unintentionally.

For electric cushions, handling is entirely delicate. If wet, this tool can cause an electric shock.

Finally, heating pads are not suitable either:

  • people who find it difficult to bear the heat;
  • people undergoing medical treatments capable of modifying the temperature;
  • to dependent persons;
  • people insensitive to heat;
  • people who suffer from circulatory disorders;
  • for children under 3 years old.

What Users Say About Back Heating Pads

Most users share the effectiveness of the heating pad. Indeed, the device quickly reaches the desired temperature and produces comforting heat for the back, neck and shoulders, especially for electric models. It is also appreciated for its quality of welcome. In addition, it is convenient to save heating.

Some users still make small remarks on the practical side of the electric wire which can sometimes be annoying.

In short, the heating pad for the back has proven itself well at the consumer level. It relieves back pain and offers a moment of relaxation particularly appreciated by its users.

Heating pad for the back: the available models

Depending on the mode of operation, you will find different models of heating pads for the back : electric, microwave or chemical. To help you in your choice, let's take a look at their respective characteristics.

Electric heating pad for the back

Le electric back heating pad is the most practical model. To use it, simply plug it into an electrical outlet. Some models also work with batteries.

What sets it apart from others types of back heating pads, is that it has a temperature setting. The most popular models generally have different temperature levels that you can choose according to your desires, your needs and your tolerances.

Another advantage for this model: it stops automatically after running for a while. You will have nothing to fear if you fall asleep during your little relaxation session.

When it comes to maintenance, don't worry. Although it is electrical equipment, this heating pad is fully machine washable which is very hygienic.

If you are looking for a back heating pad that is always ready and easy to use, we recommend the electric model. Here are the most popular models at the moment.

Electric heating pad for the back with automatic shut-off
  • Extra Large Size: This back heating pad measures 61" x 84" provides full body coverage, it is also designed for the shoulders and neck, the heating area covers the collar area for detail, the heating pad can also be flexibly applied to the waist, stomach, legs, and more.

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Microwave heating pad for back

For the microwave heating pad for back, it is necessary to heat the device in the microwave in order to obtain the ideal temperature.

If you don't have a microwave, you can also heat your cushion in the oven or on the stove. You can even put it in the fireplace or against the radiator.

The microwave-heated model is a more or less practical model. The heating mode takes a little longer and requires the use of another device. However, it saves energy.

Let's also not forget that the microwave heating pads for the back contain an organic stuffing: wheat, cherry pits, flaxseed, spelled, rapeseed or grapeseed.

This equipment represents an effective health solution while being respectful of the environment. Moreover, they are affordable.

Here's our top microwave back heating pad recommendation.

Cherry stone heating pad
  • Hot water bottles with cherry pits are an optimal combination of high efficiency and nature. They are made 100% with easy to use materials. Their basis is selected dried cherry pits. The whole thing is completed by the premium cotton. Aesthetic and pleasant packaging.

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On the other hand, it will be necessary to handle the equipment with caution, especially when heating. At very high temperatures, the seeds and the cushion may burn.

Also, the microwave heating pad only heats one time. The temperature gradually drops and once it gets cold you will need to warm it up again. This small disadvantage can be a bit annoying, especially when your back pain intensifies and you need to relax for a longer or shorter time.

Back Chemical Heating Pad

Le back chemical heating pad is the fastest of all. Do you want to enjoy instant heat? This is the model for you.

Thanks to the chemical it contains, this cushion immediately spreads heat as soon as it comes into contact with the skin and the air. This allows you to relieve yourself quickly.

However, some users have given negative reviews of the chemical heating pad. According to them, it is difficult to control the intensity of the heat given off by the device. In addition, the degree of the temperature does not remain constant which can be very dangerous.

The nature of the chemical substance that the cushion contains also makes one reluctant about the safety of this product. Indeed, the latter can have harmful effects on health if it leaves its packaging inside the coating.

And, just like the microwave heating pad, the chemical heating pad provides heat for a limited time.

In order to avoid this kind of incident, it is advisable to opt for quality models. Here is our selection.

How to choose your back heating pad?

As discussed above, the different types of back heating pads each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In order to determine which one is right for you, here are some criteria to consider.


The price is a fundamental criterion when buying a heating pad. Indeed, the price of the models varies according to the materials that make up the cushions, their dimensions, their formats and especially the brand.

Currently, the price of the heating pads that are on the market is between 15 and 80 euros. It's up to you to choose the model that best suits your budget. We recommend this back heating pad for its value for money.

Heating pad for neck and back
  • 3 temperature levels: The neck and back heating pad from medisana is equipped with three temperature levels, so you can find the right heat setting for both body regions

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The level of comfort

Most of the time, you'll be leaning your back against the heating pad. Thus, it is essential that it is comfortable. However, this criterion depends on many elements such as the thickness of the cushion, the padding and the covering.

To relieve your back pain, a soft heating pad is more suitable. In our experience, this type of cushion molds easily to the body and respects the natural alignment of the spine.

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The ability to maintain temperature and safety

Le heat treatment being the main use of a heating pad, it is therefore necessary to know the capacity of the various models to store and diffuse the right temperature.

If we refer to this criterion, our choice is most focused on electric heating pad models for the back. The presence of a thermostat in this device allows it to keep a constant temperature for a certain time. It also prevents overheating.

This electric model has the most positive reviews on the current market.

The most popular electric heating pad on the market
  • Extra Large Size: This back heating pad measures 61" x 84" provides full body coverage, it is also designed for the shoulders and neck, the heating area covers the collar area for detail, the heating pad can also be flexibly applied to the waist, stomach, legs, and more.

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For microwave heating pads, you have to know how to choose those with seeds that heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time. This is the case for grape seeds, spelled and wheat.

For chemical heating pads, you have to rely more on quality.

Maintenance and hygiene

Hygiene is very important for health that's why we suggest you choose a washable back heating pad.

If you opt for a non-washable model such as the cherry stone heating pad for example, at least make sure that it has a removable and washable cover.


If you are looking for a back heating pad, you will surely find a wide range of products that match it.

Some have specific shapes that fit for the shoulders, neck or lower back.

Others, on the other hand, are larger and can cover the entire back.

So unless you have a specific painful area, why not invest in a versatile model. It would be more advantageous. If you are interested in this model, we recommend this versatile back heating pad.

Versatile thermal pad
  • ♥【Extra Large & One Size Fits Whole Body】The heating pad (60 x 100 cm) provides penetrating heat to large areas of the body at the same time, to relieve neck pain or simply keep warm in cold weather. The heating pad can be flexibly used as body warmer, shoulder pads, rechargeable hand warmers, back pain relief products, heated foot blanket. Heated vest for women For men and children

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The alternatives

If your back pain persists despite certain attempts at treatment, you should consult a doctor or a physiotherapist to consult you. Note that there are also other natural ways or not, to relieve back pain.

Among other things, you have the sacroiliac belts which are very effective against sciatica. He supports the lumbar spine and straightens certain unfavorable postures. However, it should not be worn for very long to prevent the lower back muscles from softening. Here are our top picks if you are interested in this product.

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What should be remembered is that the heating pillow is a excellent accessory that helps soothe your back pain and comfort you after a hard day's work. There are many and varied models on the market, but the choice is yours. Through this guide, we hope we have given you enough advice to determine the best heating pad for your conditions. All you have to do is enjoy it. We just want to remind you that this medical device does not replace the treatments prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist.







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