Coccyx cushion: Relieve your coccydynies (physiotherapist advice)

coccygeal cushion

If you have coccyx pain ? You are probably looking for a coccygeal pillow (coccyx cushion) adapted. Discover in this article a short reminder on coccyx pain as well as all you need to know about buying such a cushion, its use, and the criteria to consider to make a good purchase.

The coccygeal cushion: a solution for your pain

Reminder on the coccyx

The coccyx (and not cocccys) is at the very bottom of the spine, below the sacrum. It has a triangular shape and is composed of 3 to 5 lowercase vertebrae individual. These bones fuse at adulthood to form the coccyx, although the fusion may be partial in some individuals (i.e. 2 (or more) separate bones.)

The coccyx serves as an anchor to several muscles, tendons and ligaments in the pelvic region. He occupies a role of soutien for the spinal cord while helping (in a seated position) the two seat bones of the pelvis to support body weight. It acts a bit like a tripod, hence the importance of using a good tailbone cushion. Also, in women, the coccyx moves posteriorly during childbirth to leave more space for the head of the fetus.

Coccyx pain is common (with a risk 5 times greater in women). There are multiple potential causes of coccyx pain (falling, pregnancy, prolonged sitting, etc.) and they can persist over time, from several weeks to several months.

Although there are many methods to relieve coccyx pain, the coccyx cushion remains an effective solution for relieving pain while sitting but also preventively.

To learn more about coccyx pain, see the following article.

What is a coccyx pillow?

Often called "coccyx cushion" or "orthopedic coccyx cushion", the coccygeal cushion will have the role of limit the pressure exerted on the coccyx (as well as in the perineal region depending on the model).

Its form will therefore generally include a cutout at the coccyx and / or opening at the level of the perineum in order to avoid contact between the support and the painful region. These cushions are generally curved on the front in order to reduce falls and maintain the buttocks at the bottom of the seat.

This ergonomic cushion has many advantages, it will be mainly used in case of coccydynia, during convalescence, in case of hemorrhoids, pregnancy, for people in wheelchairs to prevent bedsores, in case of back pain, etc It will also be useful for all sedentary people as a measure of prevention and comfort, at home or in the car.

Benefits of the coccyx cushion

The coccyx cushion has many advantages beyond the simple fact of relieving pain, especially when it is of good quality and coupled with lumbar support.

Indeed, the majority of these cushions, like the one available at Amazon will have a " ergonomic ". Indeed, due to their shapes and materials, ergonomic cushions for the coccyx will have positive effects on posture, blood circulation, seating comfort and other indirect effects on the body.

  • Blood flow : Memory foam, for example, will not only provide you with increased comfort in a seated position, but thanks to it, the blood will circulate more easily in the buttocks and hips because the muscles will be less compressed and thus better irrigated with oxygen.
  • The stance: The memory foam inside the coccyx cushion will adapt to your morphology. The Tailbone Cushion will help you maintain a healthy posture by supporting the pelvis, helping to align the spine.

Make your choice: The different types of coccyx cushion

There are many coccyx cushions in different shapes and materials, here are the main types:

The ergonomic coccyx cushion

Ideal in case of coccydynia, in order to limit the pressure on the coccyx. The coccygeal cushion is also useful for people who want to have better seating comfort.

Coccyx buoy cushion

In the shape of a donut or ring, this type of cushion is mainly used by pregnant women or people requiring an opening over the entire perineal region. It exists in the form of an inflatable buoy or buoy-shaped foam cushion.


There are also honeycomb-shaped cushions made entirely of gel with a very malleable texture. The effectiveness remains subjective and the product reviews available on the internet for this type of cushion remain mixed, in particular due to its short lifespan.

How to choose ?

To choose your cushion, you must above all make sure that it matches your build and weight. Indeed, some models such as the buoy cushion mentioned above for example could be a little too tight for people over 90Kg.

For the price, around thirty euros seems to be the average for a coccyx cushion, with more premium cushions going up to 90€. Also, a coccyx cushion with a machine washable protective cover is a plus, as well as an anti-slip base to prevent falls.

How to use your coccyx cushion effectively?

Simply place it on your car seat or office chair. Lean forward slightly when you sit on it to limit stress on the tailbone.

Also be sure to readjust your seat (seat height) if necessary to maintain a comfortable posture. For example, you can place a small support under your feet if you observe a reduction in symptoms. Also, if you're resting the cushion on something very soft (like a sofa or bed), you can lay a sturdy board underneath to give you extra support.

If your cushion does not relieve you or worsens your symptoms, it may be necessary to opt for a firmer, softer, or thicker model; it will depend on you, your situation and your morphology. You can also ask your doctor for advice or healthcare professional.

In addition to the coccyx cushion

In a seated position, the coccyx will help the two seat bones of the pelvis to support body weight. When you use a coccyx cushion, it is therefore wise to maintain optimal support for your spine and maintain good posture in order to prevent certain vertebrae don't feel too much pressure.

Un lumbar support can help keep your spine in a healthy posture, while reducing the risk of lower back pain.

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