Lumbar cushion: Opinion of a health professional (physiotherapist)

lumbar cushion

The French are in the top 3 countries that spend the most time sitting in a day. Indeed, according to a study by the association Attitude Prévention, the French remain on average 7h26 in sitting positions per day.

This study sheds light on the predominantly sedentary lifestyle of the French. Indeed, with the rise of digital professions, and this trend which tends towards less and less active activities, and telework which has been added to the routine of some people, the body tends to rebel and rise signs of weakness.

Lumbago, bad posture, joint problems, chronic back pain, neck pain… All these health problems are directly or indirectly related to the lack of physical activity and a lack of consideration of our body and its limitations. Indeed, many people do not pay enough attention to their health, and the back is in 1st line with such a way of life.

Although there are many ways to take care of your back (regular physical activity, healthy lifestyle, etc.) the opportunities are less and less present. And if it is certainly not possible to do yoga while answering an email or welcoming customers, it is however quite possible to reduce the workload and strains that our back bears during those long hours.

Un lumbar cushion is the perfect example of something you can do to take care of your back during your hours in a seated position. Is it effective? In which case to use it? Where can I get a lumbar pillow? You will have in the following article all the answers to your questions about lumbar cushions.

The importance of a lumbar pillow

Lumbar support pillows are surely one of the best accessories ergonomic and inexpensive when it comes to providing adequate support for your spine in a seated position. In fact, many chairs and office chairs attempt to incorporate lumbar support into their design (or as an accessory to their product) to maximize comfort for the user.

What is its use?

But then what is really the role of this cushion? The lumbar cushion provides A support which allows you to adopt better posture when you are sitting upright. That reduces strain on your muscles and promotes good posture, resulting in less back pain.

Indeed, the back slumped, the head between the shoulders and the nose almost glued to the tablet or the computer is far from being the ideal position and the lower back undergoes dull pain gravity restraints. Such a position for a prolonged period can even contribute over time to the aggravation of chronic disorders such as back and neck pain, tendonitis, etc.

Certainly a lumbar support cushion is not going to be THE miracle solution to your back pain, as this is obviously a multifactorial problem. However, it is a good step towards healthier living conditions for your health and in the long run your back will surely thank you!

Who is he talking to ?

  • Generally to sedentary people
  • For people who spend long hours in a seated position (office, gamer, etc.)
  • For people spending long hours on the road (road, taxi, etc.)
  • For people with back pain (sciatica, herniated disc, lumbago, etc.) aggravated by slouching or leaning
  • In case of medical prescription (physiotherapist, osteo…)
  • For people who want to prevent back pain

Practical application

Now let's see how to adopt a good posture while sitting and the role that our lumbar cushion will play.

Position yourself facing your work environment and sit back in your seat. Your thighs should form an angle 90°. If your support is not the right height or is not adjustable place a support under your feet so that it is slightly elevated, this will reduce stress on the lower back.

The backrest should encompass the entire back while being neither arched nor rolled at the level of the lower back. This is where the lumbar cushion comes in, if your seat already includes adequate support it may not be wise to add a layer of volume with a lumbar cushion.

However the majority of seats do not offer optimum lumbar supportI. Place the cushion between your back and your seat at the bottom of the seat (lower back – lumbar region). You should feel that your spine is entirely supported by the cushion and the backrest, in its natural double inverted arch form.

For people with coccyx pain when seated, the ergonomic seat cushion u shaped is ideal to limit the pressure on the coccyx and thus reduce pain (see the product)

By car

It is generally in the car that the lumbar cushion will make the difference. Indeed, car seats are generally poorly adapted and above all poorly designed for the back, more car seats are designed to fit the general public, the seat and therefore generally quite wide and therefore offers little support to the spine.

When we know that in a lifetime, we spend on average 33.000 hours in the car, we quickly realize that it is in the long term that we will really see the harmful effects of poor posture in the car.

A lumbar cushion for the car will help you support your back, reduce tension, and slow the onset of certain pathologies. Improved seating comfort behind the wheel will also indirectly increase your attention and reaction time, especially on long journeys.

Lumbar cushion: Summary of positive points

  • Supports the spine
  • Reduces strain on the lower back
  • Stabilizes the vertebrae
  • Promotes a straight posture
  • Cheap
  • Relieves and prevents back pain

Negative points?

Unlike some products like lumbar belt or posture corrector, the lumbar cushion itself does not have any real negative points, it is above all a question of using it well. Indeed, the cushion will generally fulfill its task.

Some rare cases could however see special requirements, weight, height, particular physical or medical conditions (deformity of the spine, wearing of prostheses, etc.). What I will recommend you to go on consult a health professional who will be able to advise you.

Another negative aspect could be the adaptation time, indeed, some customer feedback on the lumbar cushions claim to have had to wait to get used to the new position:

“It takes a little period of adaptation. Yes, when you are used to having a bad position, it can be weird to adopt a good one! In 3-4 days you will be fixed and you will not be able to do without it. »

However, in most cases you will instantly feel better comfort and less back pain when you are seated in the car or at the office.

What to choose?

Ideally, lumbar support products should be made with padding made of memory foam in order to adapt to your morphology and to marry your back perfectly. A tether strap should also be integrated, and their cover should be washable and detachable.

If the cushion is too big or does not suit you (which can happen) you must choose a seller offering an exchange or refund.

The following model meets all the indications mentioned in this article.


So much for the lumbar cushion. I hope this comprehensive article has given you a clear and representative idea of ​​this product. Of course, the lumbar cushion will not instantly solve your back problems. However, it is a product simple and cheap which will give you better support, reduce strain on the lower back to prevent and reduce your back pain.


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