Cruralgia: psychological causes (is it stress?)

man who feels pain in front of the leg of cruralgia type

La cruralgia is a pathology of crural nerve which can cause intense pain in the legs. Compression of this nerve most often occurs following a herniated disc. However, studies have suggested that stress may be related to cruralgia. Indeed, chronic stress usually causes lower back pain. We will take stock in this article.

What is cruralgia?

Cruralgia is defined as lumbar pain that starts from the lower back and radiates to the front of the thigh. This condition is due to compression of the crural nerve by the L2, L3 and L4 intervertebral discs. Unlike the sciatica which reaches the L4, L5 and S1 nerves.

A few points on the anatomy

Cruralgia pain begins when the crural nerve deflects. This is compressed by the intervertebral discs. The inflamed nerve causes pain in the legs.

The crural nerve is located in the spine. It takes root in the spinal cord and connects the muscles and skin of the lower limb to the brain. This nerve therefore plays a sensory and motor role. In other words, it is responsible for the movements and sensations that we feel in the legs.

The causes of cruralgia

Generally, cruralgia occurs in the following cases:

  • A herniated disc: the intervertebral disc is crushed and becomes less flexible. As a result, it can no longer perform its role as a shock absorber. This causes intense lower back pain;
  • A tumor: affects the crural nerve following the development of bone cancer;
  • vertebral compression: which is due to osteoporosis or a serious accident;
  • A lumbar arthritis: it occurs with age, but also with wear of the intervertebral discs;
  • A psoas hematoma: following surgery, a fall or an overdose of anticoagulant;
  • An infection: which is manifested by the presence of certain microbes in the vertebrae.

Symptoms of cruralgia

Pain in the lower back is an evocative sign. It goes down along the buttocks and hips before reaching the soles of the feet. The intensity of the pain varies depending on the person and its location. The patient may also feel some tingling in the lower limbs, similar to electric shocks. If the pain persists, the subject is at risk of developing paralysis in the affected limbs.

If the person has a herniated disc, the paralysis may be irreversible. Severe pain is often accompanied by fever, immune system disorders, urinary disorders, digestive disorders and sensory disturbances.

Cruralgia and stress: what is the link?

Stress has a negative impact on our health. In the case of cruralgia, it intensifies the pain as well as the other accompanying symptoms. This state promotes increased tension in the muscles and causes the risk of muscle torsion. Indeed, stress releases hormones that are the cause of many dysfunctions in our body.

What are the harmful effects of stress?

Stress causes frequent headaches that lead to neurological symptoms. It is the cause of the weakening of the immune system. Due to this, the body very quickly exposes itself to various diseases, including viruses.

Symptoms and causes of stress

Stress can be pathological, but also caused by emotional or physical exhaustion. It is manifested by permanent fatigue, sleep disturbance and muscle tension. Indeed, chronic stress exposes the individual to cruralgia and sciatica.

Psychological cause of cruralgia: what to do?

It is recommended to consult a health professional as soon as the first symptoms appear. Once the diagnosis is established, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

Stress management

Stress is defined as a state of chronic tension. As prevention, it is advisable to practice a regular sports activity. Moreover, physical exercise prevents the risk of anxiety and chronic stress. It also strengthens the structure of our organism and slows down the development of a herniated disc.

On the other hand, it is important to rest well after a hard day in order to avoid heavy feelings of fatigue. In addition, scientists advise to follow a healthy diet and to stay well hydrated.

Other methods to manage stress

Apart from sport, which plays a natural antidepressant role, there are other methods that have been proven to prevent stress.


This treatment helps to cope with stress. It is a therapy set up by a psychologist. The latter will carry out a follow-up and a personalized accompaniment of the person. Indeed, it helps to get to the heart of the problem and solve it quickly.


There is no specific medicine to treat stress. However, antidepressants remain effective. On the other hand, taking these drugs requires prior prescription by a doctor because of their high intensities.

The traditional treatment

Traditional remedies hold a power to eradicate stress. There are three methods:

  • homeopathy: a natural herbal treatment to reduce depression;
  • Acupuncture: a Chinese method that helps to relax the muscles. Indeed, it can possibly reduce blood pressure;
  • Sauna and steam room: a steam bath to relax the nerves.

Finally, the cruralgia is a complex neurological pain of the back. It can get worse over time without proper treatment. Like sciatica, this causes intense pain in the lower back. Cruralgia is often accompanied by episodes of chronic stress which can increase the pain of the affected limbs. As soon as the first symptoms appear, it is then necessary to consult the opinion of his doctor, even if the patient decides to opt for a treatment based on natural plants.

What about the treatment of cruralgia as such?

Although stress can influence pain, the mechanical causes of pain causing cruralgia should not be overlooked. In addition to the solutions presented above, physical modalities to relieve pain and improve quality of life must also be included:

  • Anti-inflammatory, painkiller or anti-epileptic medication
  • Kinesitherapy (physiotherapy) and osteopathy
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Weight control and diet
  • Sleep quality
  • Accessories and products

The products below can help relieve the symptoms of cruralgia, and improve general feelings of well-being (which can reduce stress at the same time). It should however be noted that it is important to integrate these accessories within a global approach, because they will not necessarily correct the cause of the problem on their own:

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