Fibromyalgia and pain in the hands: What is the link?

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La fibromyalgia is responsible for inconvenience in life, and even more so if it causes pain about hands. Since we use them in everything we do, pain in the hands who accompany the fibromyalgia could become disabling. We talk about it in this article.

What is fibromyalgia?

La fibromyalgia is a syndrome. It is characterized by the complexity and chronicity symptoms: pain diffuse areas, a fatigue intense and sleep disturbances.

The person with this syndrome is very sensitive to pain. These pains extend over the whole body. They are felt at the level of the head, from the abdomen to the neck, at the level of the legs and at the level of the upper limbs, in particular, in the hands.

The true causes of fibromyalgia are still unknown. It is associated with disturbances of sensory processes in the central nervous system.

It has a female prevalence and this is explained by other risk factors.

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Pain in the hands in a fibromyalgia patient?

The symptoms of fibromyalgia at the level of hands may present with tingling, pain and stiffness.

The latter present themselves less often compared to the other ailments that accompany the fibromyalgia.

They are caused by particular stimuli, even those which are not supposed to cause pain. Sometimes, it can happen that they even occur suddenly, and this, for no apparent reason. They can be regular or even permanent. Moreover, they are described as insidious. These pains are also characterized by their chronicity and high intensity.

The problem with the fibromyalgia it is the fact that a pain of normally moderate intensity is felt in an amplified way and becomes unbearable.

Some researchers suspect that the fibromyalgia originates from the hands. Indeed, the studies they have carried out have shown the presence neurovascular abnormalities in the hands patients with this syndrome.

To be precise, these abnormalities concern an increase in sensory nerve fibers in the blood vessels. This will interfere with the blood circulation where the feelings of pain.

It remains to be seen which of these hypotheses are the real cause behind the fibromyalgia.

What solutions to relieve pain in the hands during fibromyalgia?

There are various solutions to relieve hand pain in a person who suffers from fibromyalgia. Moreover, they are valid for all the pains that accompany this syndrome.

Here they are :

  • painkillers: paracetamol, NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • anticonvulsants (like pregabalin): in addition to reducing pain, they can help alleviate sleep disorders.

For drug treatments, it would be necessary avoiding opiates and opioids as painkillers. They can be addictive. Gradually, their effects on pain are no longer noticeable.

Injections of anesthesia directly into the hand are also effective for reduce hand pain. However, they cannot be repeated.

It also exists other feasible approaches.


  • La physiotherapy or physiotherapy: gentle massages, the application of heat, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.
  • The relaxation techniques so that the fibromyalgia patient does not focus too much on his pain.
  • La cognitive-behavioral therapy to help the patient cope better with pain.

It should be noted that even with these treatments, the patient may still experience the same symptoms.

Durable solutions will require proper treatment of the fibromyalgia. There aren't really any specific treatments. Among other things, the association of drugs with physical exercises, physiotherapy and a healthy lifestyle can show conclusive results.

Although this pathology is not fatal, it should not be taken lightly.

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