Fibromyalgia: medical and natural treatment

fibromyalgia and back pain

La fibromyalgia is a painful chronic illness may be the cause of a personal disability Very important. The causes of fibromyalgia are quite unclear and it is difficult to identify specific medical treatments. In this article, let's discover together the medical treatments and the natural remedies for fibromyalgia.

Some general information about fibromyalgia

La fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome defined by pain often diffuse joints, tendons or muscles, which last more than 3 months. To these are also added a intense fatigue and sleeping troubles (related to many nocturnal awakenings). 

The disease affects 1,4% to 2,2% of the population in France, which represents around 680 people.

Fibromyalgia takes its name words : fibro (tendons), myo (muscle) and pain (pain). The clinical signs are mainly characterized by:

  • diffuse bone and muscle pain with pain points scattered throughout the body;
  • significant fatigue;
  • sleep disorders.

Other symptoms may also be associated with it, such as headaches, abdominal pain (like colopathy), anxiety, etc.

No specific cause is not yet recognized as cause of fibromyalgia (idiopathic disease). However, there are several contributing factors to the disease such as overwork and stress or, on the contrary, inactivity. Cold and humid climates could also favor the appearance of the pathology.

Little known, this disease is also defined as a pain perception disorder. To learn more, click here.

Medical treatment for fibromyalgia

Il does not exist currently, in a formally demonstrated way, of effective treatment against fibromyalgia. The medications are prescribed are intended for relieve symptoms without acting on the cause of the disease which remains unknown.


Most pain medications have no effect in relieving fibromyalgia, except Tramadol®, which seems to reduce pain (but its side effects limit its use).


They are prescribed to people who suffer from significant sleep disorders. The goal is to restore restful sleep. You can use an antidepressant from the imipramine family (amitriptyline or LAROXYL®), at low doses, to be taken in the evening (before going to bed).


Sedatives are sometimes prescribed to aid sleep, but their long-term use is generally not recommended by doctors.

Muscle relaxants

Muscle relaxants can also help relieve pain in fibromyalgia. Note that there are natural muscle relaxants can sometimes be effective.

natural fibromyalgia treatment

More and more alternative medicines are recommended in the fibromyalgia treatment. Clinical studies have shown that certain non-drug treatments (natural treatment) can help people with fibromyalgia. We will see the main ones.




Regular physical activity with exercises graduated and adapted according to the means of each patient proves to be very effective against pain and functional disability. Indeed, the regular practice of physical activity contributes to a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in the quality of life and morale. It also improves well-being at a modest cost and with an absence of adverse effects.


homeopathy would contribute to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It participates in the improvement of isolated symptoms, in particular fatigue, pain and anxiety.

The hydrothérapie

The hydrothérapie would also give good results on fibromyalgia. Exercises in swimming pools and spas would have reduced the pain caused by this muscle disease. At the same time, it also helps to improve the quality of life of patients.


Sophrology is helpful in relaxation and reducing the effects of stress. Indeed, many fibromyalgia patients believe that stress seems to be one of the causes of their syndrome.


Acupuncture would reduce chronic pain as well as symptoms of fatigue thanks to the various acupuncture points.


chiropractic is done through spinal manipulation.



Physiotherapy (physiotherapy) contributes to the physical reconditioning of the patient. In association with osteopathy, it helps to regain good mobility and reduce joint and muscle pain.


Osteopathy relieves pain, improves quality of life, restores circulatory rhythm to the body. Indeed, if you suffer from chronic pain in the neck, back and joints, your osteopath can then take care of you.


Psychotherapy may provide significant benefits to people with fibromyalgia. It allows to evacuate the tensions, to decrease the anxiety and to fight against the depressive state. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is particularly effective.



Biofeedback stands for biofeedback. This is a technique used in the branches of medicine, but also in physiotherapy. Biofeedback aims to encourage the patient to modify his physiological activity to relieve pain.

Among other natural treatments, essential oils may be beneficial in reducing pain associated with fibromyalgia. The essential oil, because of its richness in anti-inflammatory salicylate, is particularly effective on musculotendinous pain. The use of essential oils, however, requires a good knowledge of the product and the many precautions in relation to its use. It is best to seek the advice of the doctor and consult a specialist in the field.


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