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Lumbago and stress: what is the link? (tips)

Le lumbago is a very common condition that affects the lower back. Although benign, it often causes intense and disabling pain in the lumbar region. Stress is often linked to many conditions, but what is the link between lumbago and stress ? In this article, we will answer this question and give some tips. 

A few words about lumbago

Le lumbago correspond to injury to the soft tissues of the spine. It is also called lumbar sprain, who are " kidney tower "Or common low back pain.


La spine is made up of vertebrae, intervertebral discs, ligaments, muscles and vessels. In total, it is composed of 33 vertebrae which stack on top of each other and are divided into 4 parts: the cervical spine, dorsal spine, Lumbar spine and the sacrum.

Un intervertebral disc rest between each vertebral body and acts as a shock absorber. Of the ligaments with fibrous structures connect the vertebrae and are found throughout the spine to maintain spinal stability. As to vertebral muscles, they provide joint protection and mobility at the same time.     

We are talking about lumbago, when any of the soft tissues of the vertebrae, such as the ligaments, muscles or intervertebral discs in the lower back (lumbar spine) stretches or breaks partially or completely. This lesion causes a spinal blockage accompanied by a sudden and intense pain in the lumbar region. A cracking sensation can also be a symptom of lumbago.

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Lumbago occurs after a wrong move, bad posture, carrying heavy loads… The degeneration of the joints, the rupture of a disc linked to microtraumas or a lumbar arthritis can also be theorigin of lumbago.  

Lumbago and stress: what is the link? 

It exists a close link between lumbago and stress, a link that forms a vicious circle.

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On the one hand, stress can be a risk factor common low back pain and sometimes aggravates the symptoms of the latter. On another side, lumbago can induce a state of stress indirectly.   

When our body faces a state of stress, it releases hormones (catecholamine, glucocorticoid…) which protect it against attacks. However, these substances also act to increase blood pressure and muscle spasms.

The lumbar region is one of the parts of the body most sensitive to stress. If the body fails to control the secretion of these hormones, inflammation can worsen and promote lower back pain.

In the long term (chronic stress), this struggle causes muscle tension. These promote lumbago and its symptoms.

Urban artist stress can disrupt the immune system and make recovery from back pain more difficult.     

On the other hand, the fact that lumbago is disabling and very painful is also sometimes a source of stress for the patient. It becomes a real vicious circle.

What to do then?

In case of lumbago, it is always important to consult a health professional. A thorough diagnosis helps to identify the appropriate treatment to combat the lumbar sprain, especially if the latter is related to stress.

Le vicious circle between lumbago and stress can lead to complications. To stop it, it is essential to manage stress well, or even eliminate it.

The use of herbal medicine seems like a good idea. It consists of using plants, even essential oils with calming and anti-stress effects. Be sure to talk to your doctor first.

Also feel free to practice anti-stress and relaxing physical activities like yoga, walking, cycling… Un physiotherapist (physiotherapist) can explain how to be active in a safe and progressive way.

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La abdominal breathing also provides a beneficial effect against stress. It consists of inhaling slowly, but deeply by inflating the belly and then exhaling slowly. 



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