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Lumbago: sleeping positions (advice)

Le lumbago is a real public health problem. According to the numbers, three-quarters of the population aged 20 to 90 are affected by this type of back pain. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 people have or will develop lumbago throughout their lives. Sleeping with pain in the lumbar region is not easy, so in this article find out the positions that relieve when you suffer from lumbago.

What is lumbago?

Le lumbago, also called lumbago or " kidney tower is back pain located in the lower part of the spine, in the lumbar region. The pain comes on suddenly and can lead to back blockage even a inability to move.

lumbar arthritis

Lumbago can appear following a Wrong move even harmless, to a sudden effort, to the carrying a heavy load or to a bad posture. There are other causes such as a blockage of the lumbar vertebral joints, muscle tension, a fracture, an inflammatory pathology or a tumor.

Three types of lumbago exist:

  • acute lumbago where the pain lasts from a few days to six weeks;
  • subacute lumbago, from six to twelve weeks of pain;
  • chronic lumbago, if the pain persists for more than twelve weeks.

The pain can occur in flexion, that is to say when you bend your back forward or in extension, when you arch your back. In any case, it is advisable to adapt the way you sleep so as not to wake up or accentuate the pain during the night.

A lumbago that occurs at night, is it cancer?

As explained above, a tumor is a possible cause of lumbago. However, this is a fairly rare situation. In this case, the nocturnal pain is accompanied byother clinical signs such as unexplained weight loss, urinary or faecal incontinence. If these or other unusual symptoms appear, seek medical attention.

To know more, see the following article.

What positions to sleep with lumbago?

Sleep on the side

let's explore two possible positions :

  • Adopt the position “in dog gun” or “in fetus” can relieve lower back pain during sleep. However, this position is not recommended if the pain appears when bending the back. In this case, it is advisable to keep the legs straight or place the legs back to create hip extension.
  • Another way to sleep on your side during lumbago is to put a pillow between the knees. This allows for a well-aligned spine. This is because the single leg lift coordinates the correct position of the hips and pelvis.
tips to sleep better at night

But then, which side to lean on?

According to some theories (unrelated to scientific evidence), sleep on the left side would favor a good blood circulation and better detoxification. However, this is not a selection factor. To choose the side to sleep on: comfort comes first. It is important to lie on the side that helps relieve the pain.

Sleeping on your back

This is an ideal position when you suffer from lumbago. There is a alignment that reduces stress on items when you lie on your back. It is still necessary to be equipped with one or two cushions for a better efficiency on the pain. It is also advisable to place a cushion under the knees and even under the back if the mattress is not adapted to the morphology of the body.

Sleep on your stomach

A victim of popular misconceptions, sleeping on your stomach is discredited when a person suffers from back pain. And yet! This is not prohibited. It is enough to put a pillow at the level of the pelvis, especially if the lumbar extension aggravates the symptoms.

However, be sure not to develop cervical disorders by adopting a prone posture involving a rotation of the neck.

Lack of sleep and lumbago

It is well established that lack of sleep is detrimental to health, not to mention its repercussions on the quality of daily life. the lack of sleep can wake up or intensify lower back pain especially when getting up in the morning. It is therefore important to respect the recommended duration of about 7 hours of sleep.

Other Tips for Treating Lumbago

What about the mattress?

It is undeniable, a good night's sleep goes through a good mattress. To rest the spine well, it is advisable to opt for a semi-firm mattress. A soft mattress is unable to properly support the vertebrae while a firm mattress promotes back stiffness. The semi-firm mattress adapts to the natural curvature of the back.


For even wear, we advise you to turn the mattress in both directions (on both sides and head/feet) at least twice a year. In addition, do not hesitate to replace it when a hole tends to form in the middle.

The maneuvers for a painless survey

Securing a sleeping position with lumbago is important, getting out of bed is just as important. Indeed, the pain can arise at the slightest movement, especially if you sleep on your back.

Bend the knees so that relax the lower back and position the pelvis correctly. Roll to the side and bring the knees towards the chest. Place the feet and the legs out of bed while letting the bust follow the movement.

You can also perform an exercise of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth before you even move and continue like this for the duration of the movement. This relaxes the muscles. This exercise can also be performed when changing positions at night.


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