How to put your pillow to sleep well? Physio advice

We do not all sleep the same way and we change position dozens of times in one night, hence the importance of putting your pillow in order to sleep well. Depending on the position you prefer to adopt, the choice of your pillow and its placement play an important role in the quality of your sleep. Whether filled with natural or synthetic material, the pillow must be well placed to best support your head during the night. To help you sleep well, we are going to give you some tips to find the pillow that suits you according to your sleeping position.

Who is it for?– People who have trouble sleeping
– People who suffer from torticollis, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain,cervical spondylosis...
– People who want to enjoy a relaxing and restorative
The inconvenients – Is not a treatment in itself for insomnia or joint pathologies of the neck
Our opinion– Worth an investment
– Indispensable support for neck and shoulder pain treatments
– Highly appreciated by users
The alternatives- Ergonomic mattress
- Mattress topper

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Use of the pillow: a decisive gesture on the quality of your sleep

The proper use of bedding accessories is essential if you want to wake up feeling refreshed after a night's sleep. For the case of the pillow, the level of comfort mainly depends on how you place it and the type of pillow you use.

In fact, the latter must provide adequate support for your head, neck and shoulders so that you can feel comfortable while you sleep. Improperly placed, the pillow can lead to pressure points and muscle tension, the main sources of neck and shoulder pain upon waking.

The correct positioning of the pillow also contributes to thealignment of the spine. This considerably reduces the risk of back pain as well as possible long-term postural problems.

Putting the pillow right can also help reduce bulges. In fact, incorrect positioning of the pillow is likely to cause excessive flexion of the neck, which causes partial obstruction of the airways and gives rise to bulges. On the other hand, if you arrange your pillow in the right way, you keep your airways clear and the bulges will be reduced as a result.

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There are also certain diseases that require the correct positioning of the pillow. We can, for example, cite:

  • headaches ;
  • neck pain;
  • sleep apnea;
  • etc.

These illnesses can easily get worse if the pillow is placed incorrectly. Conversely, the proper positioning of this small accessory can help prevent or alleviate these problems.

Our advice on how to put your pillow to sleep well

As mentioned above, putting your pillow properly plays an important role in the quality of your sleep, and even your health in general. The idea is then to place it according to your sleep habits.

In this context, here is our advice on the choice and implementation of this accessory according to your position while falling asleep.

How to place the pillow if you sleep on your back?

According to research, sleep on your back provides a peaceful sleep since the sleeper moves little during the night. This position is comfortable and offers a better quality of sleep. By sleeping on your back, your weight is distributed over your entire body. Your spine is naturally positioned and your back and neck are not under too much anatomical stress.

Attention ! All the benefits of sleeping on your back could be lost if your pillow is positioned incorrectly. To do this, the ideal is to wedge it slightly under the natural curve of your neck. Try not to elevate your head excessively to avoid strain. The goal is to keep your head and your stroke aligned with your spine.

To sleep well on your back, you can opt for:

  • a fairly firm pillow: this type of pillow will effectively support your head, neck and shoulders;
  • a soft pillow: it allows your head to sink sufficiently and promotes the opening of the airways;
  • a medium and mid-high pillow: choosing this pillow allows your spine to regain position and your muscles to relax.

As for type, foam pillow shape memory et the latex pillow are ideal for sleeping on your back. These cushions accompany you comfortably during the night and provide support for your neck. In addition, these types of pillows are soft, which allows them to eliminate unnecessary pressure. Be aware, however, that these pillows may seem too firm for some sleepers. They can also be hot on summer nights.

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You can also put a thin pillow under your knees to reduce the arch of the kidneys and provide even more comfort.

How to place the pillow if you sleep on your stomach?

You are a stomach sleeper ? You may have noticed that this is one of the least peaceful sleeping positions, as you need to change positions frequently. If you don't place your pillow the right way, sleeping on your stomach isn't really recommended. With improper pillow placement, this sleeping position can cause problems like:

  • the increase in the lumbar curve;
  • irritation of cervical muscles and nerves due to excessive rotation of the neck and head;
  • discomfort with breathing and vital functions due to the abdominal thrust towards the rib cage and the lungs;
  • sometimes muscle pain and compression of the nerves.
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In order to avoid these problems when you sleep on your stomach, make sure you place your pillow correctly. The latter should be placed as low as possible. This creates harmony between your head and your cervical vertebrae while relaxing your neck during the night.

To sleep peacefully on your stomach, opt for a extra-flat pillow, flexible and not bulky. With a pillow that is too thick, you will block your breathing.

A down pillow ou in soft fibers is therefore the most suitable for this sleeping position. Thanks to its soft surface, it facilitates the frequent rotations of your head.

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However, this type of pillow is not recommended for people who suffer from torticollis or neck pain. A 100% down pillow being very soft, it does not provide enough support to the sleeper's neck. Also, you have the option of using a water pillow which is renowned for its softness and flexibility.

To keep your spine aligned, place a down pillow under your abdomen.

How to place the pillow if you sleep on your side?

If you are among side sleepers, then you adopt the most popular lying position. Indeed, the deep sleep phase during falling asleep is most often on the side. The correct placement of the pillow is also essential and beneficial when you sleep on your side.

  • It fills the gap between the mattress and the neck.
  • It helps keep your head and vertebrae aligned.
  • It guarantees your back a natural position while falling asleep.

However, it is strongly advised not to sleep on the same side (left or right) for several hours. Being frozen on one side can cause your chest to sag and cause shoulder and hip pain.

To make it easier to switch sides while you sleep, you should position the pillow so that it bridges the gap between your shoulder and your ear. The goal is to maintain correct posture.

In order to sleep on your side in comfort, you can use pillows with the following characteristics.

  • High pillow: this type of cushion fills the space between the head and the mattress. The pillow should also be adjusted to the width of your shoulders.
  • Firm pillow: with this type of pillow, your head will be perfectly aligned with the rest of your body.
  • Pillow designed with proper shape: it adapts perfectly to the curve of your neck and head, improving your sleeping position.
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Un synthetic fiber pillow is ideal for side sleepers. By maintaining proper body alignment, this type of pillow helps reduce shoulder and neck pain. It also provides a plush feel and can be adjusted to suit your firmness preferences. However, synthetic fiber pillows settle quickly and sometimes require regular adjustment.

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At the same time, you can place a pillow between the knees to align the spine, pelvis and legs for a more comfortable sleep.


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