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Osteoporosis and diet: What to eat and avoid?

THEosteoporosis is a worrying disease for people in their XNUMXs. Indeed, the fragility of the bones increases the risk of fractures, pain and deformation of the skeleton. In order to prevent further loss of bone density, care should be taken with diet.


Why is diet so important in osteoporosis? What foods to eat? What are the foods to avoid? The answers are in this article.

Understanding Osteoporosis


Our bones are constantly changing: the old bones are destroyed by osteoclast cells, and are replaced by new bones thanks to other cells which are osteoblasts. This process is called the bone remodeling.


An imbalance in bone remodeling results in loss of skeletal mass and strength. It's osteoporosis. This can be due to many factors.


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What food to eat during osteoporosis?


To live better with osteoporosis and limit damage, it is important to support the reconstruction of the skeletal system. This is done with nutrients found in many foods.


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What are the nutrients to favor in case of osteoporosis?


Calcium: an essential element for the bones


The solidification of bones depends on sufficient calcium content. However, this nutrient is easily evacuated through urine or perspiration. It will therefore be necessary to provide enough of it through food. Otherwise, the body will draw resources from the skeletal system and this will weaken its mass.


Here are the foods to favor for a good calcium intake: nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, dairy products and leafy green vegetables.


Vitamin D, a good calcium binder


When you are over sixty, a vitamin D intake is gradually necessary (between 800 to 1500 mg per day).


This fat-soluble vitamin prevents or fights against osteoporosis by helping the absorption of calcium in the intestine to then fix it in the bones.


Apart from exposure to the sun, it is also possible to obtain vitamin D from certain foods such as butter, oily fish and eggs.


Lipids: for the well-being of bone architecture


Lipids have a bad reputation on health, yet they are very useful for the proper functioning of cells. Even better, they promote hormonal secretion, which is good for the balance of bone remodeling.


Prefer products rich in unsaturated fats: olive oil, rapeseed, avocado, fish, nuts, grape seeds, hazelnuts...



Foods to avoid with osteoporosis


Some nutrients and substances are downright harmful to calcium metabolism so it is better to reduce their consumption.


Be careful with oxalic acid, as it disrupts calcium action. This substance is found in beets, spinach, chocolate, chard and rhubarb.


You should also moderate caffeine et salt. These substances promote decalcification through urine, stool and saliva.


Also avoid alcohol, as it increases the risk of fracture in the event of shock.


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