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Osteoporosis and pain: Where does it come from? (What to do ?)

fatigue et pain are mainly the complaints of people with osteoporosis. What then is the relationship betweenosteoporosis and pain ? And above all, where do they come from? We tell you everything in this article.

A few words about osteoporosis


osteoporosis is a common bone disease in the elderly, especially in postmenopausal women. The bones, normally rigid and compact, become fragile and less resistant to shocks. This is explained by the demineralization of os which causes a decrease in bone mass and a degradation of the microarchitecture and bone tissue.


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Is osteoporosis always accompanied by pain?


osteoporosis is not necessarily accompanied by pain.


Indeed, osteoporosis itself is asymptomatic. It is also called a pathology. silent ". Bones break down without you realizing it. This is especially the case of osteoporosis not fractured (without fractures). The latter is difficult to detect until signs such as deformation of the spine or decrease in normal size appear.


However, in most cases, osteoporosis comes with the pain. Where do they come from then?



Origin of pain associated with osteoporosis


The pain are not caused directly by osteoporosis in itself. Rather, they are related to consequences of the decreased bone density.


Among these consequences are the cracks bone and broken bones osteoporotic. The bones are damaged, which induces inflammatory reactions, and this is what explains the pain felt. Insofar as they appear gradually and the body has adapted to them, these fractures are sometimes painless.


Osteoporosis is also responsible for incongruence articular. They are explained by the bad adaptation of os as a result of decreased bone density and fractures. It can also cause pain. In fact, fractures can change the shape and position of bones, which could damage surrounding muscles, tendons, and nerves.


In the case where there is musculotendinous tension and skeletal deformities, the patient may experience additional discomfort and limitations in his movements.



What types of pain are linked to the osteoporotic condition?


The pain varies according to the evolution of the fractures. 


Acute pain


Those are pain bone intense that arise roughly ou suddenly and only last a few days. Sometimes they appear after physical exertion and during certain movements or even during certain positions (eg standing or sitting).


Chronic pain


Those are pain persistent. They are explained by the unrest bony which cause stress to neighboring muscles, which induces contractures and chronic pain.



Where are they located?


The pain are felt mainly, at the level of the bones which are most favorable to osteoporotic fractures: the column vertebral. We are talking about spinal pain and low back pain. Those in the pelvis, femur, forearm bones and ribs are also common.



What to do to fight against pain related to osteoporosis?


Prevent pain


Since the pain mainly come from fractures favored by the loss of bone density, the first way to prevent them is to avoid fractures.


To do this, we recommend various means that can contribute to the enhancement bones : medicines, sports exercises, balanced diet enriched with minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.).


The precautions of everyday life are not to be neglected either. For example, try to always be careful: avoid high heels and unsuitable shoes, never move when it is dark to avoid the risk of falls, etc.


Treat Osteoporosis itself also limits the risk of fractures. There are also several possibilities of therapy: those that use drugs, surgery, etc.


Soothe pain


If you feel like you want to take the pain are already present, there are solutions to mitigate them.


  • Take some analgesics.
  • Resort to the physiotherapy (physiotherapy) : physical exercises, the use of hot or cold on painful areas, electrotherapy, etc.
  • Use some accessoiries like orthotics for minimize pain ;


The pain have great repercussions on the physical, the moral and the psychic. As a result, the discomfort caused by osteoporosis negatively affect the professional and social life of the patient. This is why it is always better to consult specialists and medical professionals to receive complete support and appropriate treatment.



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