Result of the quiz: You may have lumbago

You probably have acute low back pain, commonly called “lumbago”. Your back may have got stuck from a wrong move, or after lifting a heavy load. Anyway, there seems to have been an inflammatory phenomenon responsible for your pain.

lumbago and back pain stiffness

You should know that the prognosis is favorable, and that the majority of cases resolve within 6 weeks. Since you have no symptoms indicating a serious pathology, you can be reassured that this is a transient trauma that can be taken care of.

Of course, it is always best to consult a medical professional to optimize recovery. In the meantime, here are some recommendations to apply to make your life easier:

  • Avoid complete bed rest.
  • Stay active as far as possible. If possible, continue with your activities (including work) despite the persistence of symptoms. Of course, take breaks as needed and don't force beyond pain.
  • Avoid wearing lumbar support, or at least limit its use.
  • Apply ice packs initially to calm inflammation, then switch to heat after a few days to reduce muscle tension. Do not exceed 15-20 minutes per application.
  • A good way to control pain is to do slow, deep, rhythmic breaths.
  • If pain keeps you awake, consider strategies to optimize your nights such as proper sleeping posture.
  • If the pain becomes incapacitating, your doctor may prescribe medicines adapted to your condition and your medical history.