Mattress topper for the back: opinion of the physiotherapist

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Le mattress topper for the back is an interesting accessory to reduce the related pain poor bedding, especially if they appear during the night or upon waking. It's a simple device, but one that can really make a difference and make your nights more restful and restorative.

If you are interested in this accessory, we are going to offer you very interesting models which have benefited from positive opinions from our patients and our experts.

ProductMattress topper for the back
For who ?– People who suffer from back pain at night, shoulder pain, herniated disc, lower back pain...
– People who have trouble sleeping due to back pain
– People who have back pain when waking up
The inconvenients– Is not a disease-modifying treatment for back pain
– Remains a back-up solution against back pain
Our opinion– Appreciated by users
– Interesting for improving the quality of sleep and reducing night pain
The alternatives- Ergonomic mattress
- Memory foam pillow

Our recommendations

According to the opinions of our patients, we offer you these mattress toppers which are very popular models on the market.

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A mattress topper: what is it?

Un mattress topper is a thinner sleeping accessory than the mattress. As the name suggests, it is placed between the mattress and the fitted sheet.

It is a complementary element to the mattress whose purpose is to have comfortable bedding. It allows to protect your mattressOr your bedding against wear and tear, which extends the life of the latter.

It can be made of different materials including feather, latex, foam, down...

Le mattress topper for the back is a specialized mattress topper. Their main purpose is to maintain back health, But also reduce back pain.

Why do we use a mattress topper?

The back mattress relieves many back pains (back pain, neck pain, low back pain…). Therefore, it is strongly recommended for people with back pain on waking or alternatively spinal problems.    

Ideal mattress topper for a restful night
  • Contents: Ventilated 7-zone memory foam mattress topper with straps
  • 7 body zones that maximize comfort and reduce pressure on the various contact points of the body to avoid having to turn over at night

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With back pain, it is difficult to choose between a mattress that is too soft and a firm mattress, since both can accentuate the pain. A back mattress is designed to optimize and correct your bedding so that it can be favorable for you.

This sleeping accessory is also both soft and comfortable. It allows a stabilization in body weight distribution et relieves pressure points all night. It also allows an improvement of blood flow.

If you can't afford to invest in a new mattress when you need comfort, a mattress topper is a better alternative. Plus, an extra layer for your bedding allows for more restorative and peaceful nights.        

Some pathologies that can be relieved by the mattress topper

It is important to mention that the mattress topper cannot replace medical treatments, it simply contributes to the relief of symptoms.

The mattress topper is actually known for its effect on back pain. It helps reduce a lot of back problems. This concerns:

This accessory can be a good option to relieve heavy leg sensations. It limits tingling and tingling by ensuring good blood circulation.

In addition, the use of a mattress topper helps to combat certain pains during the recovery period.

Certain types of mattress toppers (natural latex) relieve people who suffer from respiratory allergies or asthma.

Natural latex mattress topper for allergies
  • [Padded] - The thick latex layer is breathable and not stuffy. It adopts Thailand's direct mining latex and has many exhaust holes of fine honeycomb structure, which can dissipate waste heat and moisture from the body, and naturally…

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What are the types of mattress toppers?

There are different kinds of mattress toppers, each with specific characteristics.

Usually, the mattress topper is classified according to the materials which constitute its lining, but also according to their interest. We can cite : firm mattress topper, natural latex mattress topper, cotton mattress topper, natural down mattress topper, bamboo mattress topper, synthetic foam mattress topper, memory foam mattress topper, wool mattress topper…

Feather and goose or duck down mattress topper

This type of mattress topper is filled with natural padding. It is categorized among the mattress toppers of Kitchen faucets with incomparable comfort.

Feathers and down, whether goose or duck, give effects super soft and soft. These materials also provide a effective thermal protection by trying a good ventilation. Those that allow the mattress topper to provide quality and restorative sleep.

The feather and down mattress topper adapts perfectly to all body types. On the other hand, the feather must remain swelling. The latter tends to flatten.

Very soft and welcoming down mattress topper
  • SOFT, COOLING AND SUPPORTING: Double layer filling design. The top layer is filled with down…
  • Partition Box and Elastic Pocket: Thanks to the construction of the box, each pocket of the lower layer…
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL & CERTIFICATES: 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Fabric, Top…

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The memory foam mattress topper is filled with a memory foam or memory foam. According to its name, this material has two main properties: viscosity and elasticity.

Thanks to its properties, the viscoelastic foam mattress topper can return to its initial shape after experiencing pressure. In addition, foams form and deform slowly (good resilience). All these facts allow the viscoelastic mattress topper to give you a comfort while you sleep In you protecting against the impact of sudden movements.    

The memory foam mattress topper adjusts to the curves of your body. It also optimizes alignment of your spine and reduces pressure points. In addition, this type of mattress topper also relieves the muscles and joints, hence its relaxing and comfortable effect.

Very comfortable foam mattress topper
  • Contents: Comfortable memory foam mattress topper with straps
  • 7 body zones that maximize comfort and reduce pressure on the various contact points of the body…
  • The removable and washable cover benefits from a modern weaving technique for a very soft touch and a comfortable feel.

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Viscoelastic foam is thermosensitive. It then provides and retains too much heat. This type of mattress topper is contraindicated for people who suffer from night sweats, especially during the summer season.

Latex mattress topper

The latex mattress topper is among the most popular mattress toppers. You can find two kinds of latex mattress toppers: natural latex mattress topper et synthetic latex mattress toppers.

The latex mattress topper is said to be 100% natural when it is made up of at least 85% natural latex. Its advantage lies in its hypoallergenic property.

This type of mattress topper is both soft, elastic and soft, which facilitates movement in bed. It can also adjust to your morphology while removing pressure points on your body while you sleep.

Latex back mattress
  • [Padded] - The thick latex layer is breathable and not stuffy. It adopts direct mining latex…
  • [PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE] - This portable Matratze bed is foldable, easy to travel or store, ideal for little ones…
  • [ERGONOMIC] - 5cm Thick Tatami Folding Student Dormitory Mattress Non-Slip, The Curve Matches The…

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Latex has a high density compared to others, filled (foam, feather…). This density guarantees back and body support and at the same time ensures good air circulation. The latex mattress topper allows you a comfortable and perfect night even with its heavier weight.

Latex is a material thermoregulatory. In other words, during the winter, it gives you warmth and during the summer season, it gives you coolness.

How do you choose a mattress topper that's right for you?

Choosing a mattress topper seems difficult and more time-consuming. To have a mattress topper adapted to your case, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria.

Choose a mattress topper based on the location and type of your back pain

If you suffer from a lower back pain, a herniated disc, a lumbar scoliosis or still others lower back pain, we advise you to use the memory foam mattress topper. The latter reduces the pressure on the back by following the curves of your body.

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To relieve back pain type sciatica, prefer the down or latex mattress topper. The soft and comfortable aspect of these two types of mattress topper is beneficial. It reduces the pressure at the level of the sciatica as well as maintaining the position of the spine.

Feather mattress topper perfect for sciatica
  • Comfort Plus 9cm feather mattress topper to improve your sleep
  • It is a totally breathable mattress topper with excellent reception thanks to its feathers
  • Its cover can be easily removed to be washed, thus improving the hygiene of the product

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Un curved back wake proves that your mattress is too soft. A mattress that is too soft and inadequate for your morphology can cause a problem for the spine in the long term. It is often advisable to add a rather firm mattress topper in your bedding.

If you are suffering from neck pain, opt for a soft mattress topper. It improves your position, but also relieves pain.

Adopt a mattress topper with a good characteristic

The most important thing is to choose a mattress topper suitable for your comfort needs. Apart from the filling materials, the size, thickness and density also determine the quality of the mattress topper.

La mattress topper size must be fair with the dimension of your mattress. This ensures comfort in the entire part of the bed. There is a mattress topper whose size is designed specifically for an adult, for a child or a teenager.

Even with quality filling materials, if mattress topper thickness is too low or too high, it does not provide any benefit, it can even be the source of lumbar and cervical pain. Usually, the ideal thickness of the mattress topper is around 5 cm.

La mattress topper density determines its appearance. A mattress topper with a high density results in a soft mattress topper. On the other hand, a firm mattress topper is characterized by a low density. In general, the density of a mattress topper for the back is between 300 to 700 g/m3. The heavier you are, the higher the density should be.

It is ideal to use a soft mattress topper to supplement a firm mattress and a firm mattress topper for a mattress that is too soft.

What are the pros and cons of mattress toppers?

The benefits of mattress toppers

The back mattress topper offers many advantages. Apart from the fact that he relieves back pain, supports the spine et optimizes the distribution of your body weight, the mattress topper can still amaze you with its other advantages.

We must not forget that the main interest of the mattress topper is improve your sleeping comfort more increase the longevity of your mattress. The mattress topper gives you a feeling of relaxation. It transforms your bed into a cozy nest (like in a cloud).

The mattress topper is a good option for those who sleep as a couple. He improves sleeping independence, in other words, it absorbs and limits the movement of the partner.

Ergonomic mattress topper that offers perfect support
  • 【Perfect Support】The mattress topper features a unique 2-layer design, the scientific design fits…
  • 【New Material - Kapok Fiber】The mattress cover is filled with a new material, kapok fiber.And it has…
  • 【Reversible】The mattress cover has two sides. The summer side is breathable, skin-friendly. The winter side has…

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This sleeping accessory is very handy. It is easily transportable and takes up less space. he is also more hygienic : it is easier to clean and it dries in the open air.

Beyond the health benefits, the mattress topper is also economic. Instead of changing and buying an expensive mattress, you can opt for a mattress topper with mattress-like or even better comfort.

It is possible to find a mattress topper that suits you perfectly, regardless of your morphology, given the wide variety of mattress toppers available.

The disadvantages of mattress toppers for the back

The disadvantages can be the consequence of choice of mattress toppers. A mattress topper that is not suitable for you can even be the source of your bad sleep or even pain.

In addition, the top mattresses for the back in particular the most popular are sometimes expensive.

What do back mattress users say?

Most users give positive feedback after using a back mattress topper. They even specify that it is a good investment. THE memory foam mattress topper is the most popular.

According to their comment, the mattress topper has changed their nights for the better. Users claim that with a mattress topper, there is no more back strain in the morning. They say that after waking up to sore back pain, the mattress topper is a magical accessory. He eliminated all the pain points.

There are also those who find it difficult to sleep with a very hard new mattress. This causes pain in the shoulders and back. They then bought a mattress topper to correct the problem. From the first use, they fall asleep easily and wake up in great shape.

Other users buy a mattress topper to correct their deformed mattresses. The result is quite good. They find comfort. Their bedding has even become as pleasant as on the first day.

Some users report having difficulty choosing a mattress topper. There are even those who made the wrong choice, but without being discouraged, they ended up finding a mattress topper adapted to their morphology and meeting their needs.

Our advice to optimize the effect of the mattress topper

La mattress topper cover must be well chosen and well maintained. It will determine the longevity of the mattress topper, but also of the bedding. Preferably, give preference to cotton or satin fabrics, these elements improve ventilation and ensure good air circulation.

For a memory foam mattress topper, avoid mattresses of the same characteristic. On the other hand, opt for a mattress that lets the air circulate and breathable bedding to limit the heat. Here is a list of best selling mattresses if you are interested.

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Even though the purpose of the mattress topper is to correct a mattress, it is still beneficial to have a good mattress and best box spring. The mattress is essential if you want to have quality sleep without back pain. The combination of a good mattress, quality mattress topper and pillow adapted to your morphology offers you a high degree of comfort.

To limit back pain or nocturnal and morning neck pain, it is necessary to adopt a best sleeping position. It is advisable to sleep on your back or on your side where you feel comfortable.


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