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Eye Yoga: What are the benefits? (Explanations)

Spending most of our time in front of phone, computer and television screens exhausts our eyes. Eye fatigue can manifest itself in multiple ways: blurred, blurred vision, irritation, dry or watery eyes... Over time, it can become a real nuisance in daily life or even cause serious eye diseases. This is where the eye yoga. In this article, find out what eye yoga is. In what situations is it indicated? And what are its benefits?

Eye Yoga Definition


Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the eye yoga is a method that allows us to relax the eyes and maintain good vision. It consists of performing eye gymnastics to energize the muscles around the eyes and de-stress them. Prolonged exposure to a screen, environmental pollution and stress are indeed responsible for eyestrain.



When is it indicated?


Eye yoga can be done whenever you want. It is especially recommended when you feel that your eyes are tired, after a hard day's work or a long time spent in front of the TV for example.


Care must be taken, however, because the eye yoga has some contraindications.


This practice is not recommended for people who suffer from glaucoma. Glaucoma disease can lead to blindness if left untreated. Certain exercises performed during eye yoga could accentuate this disease.


It is advisable to practice the eye yoga in groups especially for people who have high blood pressure, vertigo or retinal detachment.



The benefits of eye yoga


Many are benefits of eye yoga. It aims above all to strengthen and soften the muscles of the ocular sphere.


Eye yoga helps prevent fatigue and visual disturbance


All of our daily activities require the use of our eyes. It's normal if they get tired.


Le eye yoga is one of the natural ways that allow us to take care of our vision. It tones the eye muscles, which reduces visual fatigue and provides better eye relaxation.


Eye yoga reduces dry eyes


Dry eye is a disease that can develop with age. This is due to insufficient moisture around the eyes. The eye yoga exercises keep the eyeball well hydrated. When we work the muscles of the sphere of the eye, they become flexible and thus facilitate irrigation at this level. This helps reduce dry eyes. It also decreases the burning and itching sensation in the eyes.


Eye yoga reduces the appearance of wrinkles


Eye yoga helps smooth out wrinkles and eye puffiness. Indeed, the exercises performed during the sessions stimulate the secretion of collagen by the skin. The latter remains firm and flexible. It can be said that this particular practice is a great way to slow down the effect of aging.


Eye yoga rejuvenates the look


Blood circulation improves thanks to the exercises practiced during the eye yoga. This causes a healthy glow effect and a rejuvenation of the look.


Eye yoga makes it easier to fall asleep


Do exercises of eye yoga before going to bed makes it easier to fall asleep. Just make sure you are not disturbed during the sessions. This practice leads to a calm state of mind and helps the body to relax.



What are the types of exercises in eye yoga?


In general, eye yoga exercises aim to relax tension in the eye muscles. Here are some exercises that can be practiced during this therapy.


gaze exercises


The gaze exercises are very simple exercises, but bring a lot of good. Just look around from left to right a dozen times while keeping your head still. Once this step is complete, do the same by looking from top to bottom. Breathe deeply during these sets of exercises. The goal is to work the eye muscles.




The palming method is a means of relax the eyes during a working day in front of a screen. It contributes to the diffusion of darkness and heat on the eyes by the palms of the hand. To do this, place the palms of your hands in the shape of a shell on the closed eyes. Your fingers should be tight so that no light comes through. Like any yoga exercise, this one is performed while performing slow breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply. During this time, the eyes rest. The exercise should last one to two minutes.


Eye movement exercise


The eye movement exercise consists in drawing with the eyes the infinity sign without moving the head. The movement must be continuous. This exercise allows to erase the tension as well as the tiredness of the eyes.


Exercise to reduce dry eye


The purpose of this exercise is to stimulate the lacrimal glands. For avoid dry eye, move the eyelids while batting the eyelashes. This helps lubricate the eyes. At the same time, it offers a mini-rest to the retina during the brief moment of darkness. You can perform this exercise up to 20 times.


Eye rehabilitation exercise


With your index you can exercise your eye muscles. To begin, you will place your index finger between the two eyes. Secure it well. Make sure your vision stays clear. Slowly extend your index finger as far as your arms will allow while staring at it. Bring your index finger to your nose and repeat these gestures up to 25 times. Don't forget to breathe: inhale deeply when you move your index finger away and exhale when you bring it closer. This exercise helps to rehabilitate tired eyes in front of a screen.


Accommodation exercise


THEaccommodation exercise consists of placing your two index fingers within reach of your eyes at a distance that corresponds approximately to half of the arm. Keep a distance of 15 centimeters between the two. Breathe slowly while switching your gazes to your index fingers for a minute.


As you can see with these different exercises, practice eye yoga is not complicated, yet its benefits are multiple. It does not take much time and can be done anywhere. Take care of your eyes, because it is with them that you can enjoy the beauty of life.



Bonus: Eye massage with an eye massager


When we come back from a hard day in front of the computer, our eye has already blinked more than 20.000 times. Exercising is not necessarily the #1 reflex one can have to evacuate eye tension.


Although eye yoga is a very good way to maintain good eye health, the eye massager is a complementary tool that will give you similar benefits, and you can use it without any effort on your part. Your brain will rest so also during your session.


eye massager


The device is going to have benefits similar to eye yoga, including:


  • Reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • Relieve dry eyes
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Eliminate eye fatigue
  • Firm your skin
  • Reduce eye pressure
  • Relieve eye muscles


The device is placed on the eyes like a sleep mask. Depending on the mode chosen, it will massage the eye contour by air compression or vibration. Fleuralia eye massager offers good value for money as well as a heating function and a 90-minute battery.


The advantage of such a device is that you have no effort to make, the device will massage you and relax your tensions automatically. You can listen to music or an audio book for example.


Please remove your contact lenses when using this device. A session of 15 minutes in the evening is ideal. Do not use this device after or before eye surgery or if you have certain eye-related conditions. Ask your ophthalmologist for advice if in doubt.








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