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Who am I ? (A word from the founder of Lombafit)

anaskine back pain

My name is Anas, a qualified physiotherapist in Canada. With 13 years of experience and supporting thousands of patients suffering from back pain, I am now dedicated to sharing my knowledge and helping my online community.

What people who have benefited from our approach say

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Good program


The exercises are progressive, complementary, well explained and the photos of the “gymnastics teacher or physiotherapist” allow you to mimic the positions (It is difficult to do a movement without seeing the teacher who shows the example).

This helps me a lot.

If I remained lying down, crippled by pain, with an electro-stimulator around my neck, I would feel less pain buts the neck paralysis would only get worse. …I am practically obliged to do exercises every two or four hours, otherwise the pain leaves me lying there unable to sit or walk….

1. Back and lumbar spine exercises help me with my cervical spine.

2. I have no explanation for this phenomenon of paralysis. Medicine has never offered me anything. Before your physiotherapy sessions, I had undertaken yoga or Tai Chi, but the exercises are not targeted enough for the lumbar spine and the cervical spine which require specific rehabilitation.

Do you have a medical explanation for this phenomenon!?

Thank you for your advice.


This excellent program with its illustrations and details gave me relief and hope for a life free of pain and anxiety.

Thank you very much Anas for your commitment and dedication to your patients.

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