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The pain is disabling, disturbing, frustrating. Having back pain also means sacrificing several leisure and sports activities. We question each other about the evolution of our symptoms over time. The fear of chronic pain constantly stalks us. What if my condition worsens? What if I had to be infiltrated, or even worse, operated on? What if I had to quit my favorite sport forever? What if, what if….As long as questions are on your mind!

My name is Anas Boukas and I am a physiotherapist. People who have back pain, I only see that on a daily basis. The problem is that patients consult only when the pain becomes intolerable and limits daily activities. Often it's because they don't have what it takes to prevent their condition from getting worse.

Inaction and rest almost never cure low back pain, quite the contrary! Seeing this procrastination affect the condition of my patients, I decided to partner with other health professionals to develop this site. For people like you. People who are in physical pain, but not sure where to start.

So that you can be educated the same way we would in the clinic with our patients. If it can prevent a consultation, so much the better! Otherwise, you will be better equipped during your next consultation, which will make the task of your doctor or therapist easier.

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