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The pain is debilitating, worrying, frustrating. Having back pain also means sacrificing several leisure and sporting activities. We wonder about the evolution of our symptoms over time. The fear of chronic pain constantly threatens us. What if my condition worsens? What if I had to be infiltrated, or worse yet, operated on? What if I had to stop my favorite sport forever? And if, what if….As many questions bother your mind!

My name is Anas Boukas and I am a qualified physiotherapist in Montreal, Canada. People who have back pain, that's all I see every day. In my last 13 years of practice, I have seen almost every possible case of disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar osteoarthritis, cruralgia, and so on.

If there is one message I would like to convey, it is that inaction and excessive rest almost never cure back pain... quite the contrary! This is why I created Lombafit. For people like you. People who have physical pain, who want to be active, but who aren't sure where to start.

What I offer you on Lombafit

  • Lots of education via our blog articles about your pain, possible diagnoses, treatment modalities, etc.
  • Educational videos
  • Programs focused on resolving your back pain and maintaining an active lifestyle
  • A platform allowing you to perform exercises in the comfort of your home (coming soon)

A special mention to our collaborators

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