Best pillow for sleeping on your stomach: Physio review (Buying guide)

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If you are one of those who prefer sleep on your stomach, you probably know that, although she may be comforting, this position is often the cause of certain health problems, in particular back and neck pain.

Indeed, sleep on your stomach can lead to muscle tension and misalignment of the spine due to the position of your head and neck which are usually turned to the side.

To help you improve the quality of your sleep and prevent back pain, it is essential to find a pillow specially designed to make the prone position safer and less harmful to your body!

In this article, we'll walk you through the different features to consider when choosing a pillow for sleeping on your stomach.

We will also introduce you to a selection of the best pillows on the market designed for the prone position, emphasizing their ergonomic design, the quality of their materials and their ability to relieve back pain.

That you already suffer from back pain or just want to prevent future problems, choosing the right pillow for your sleeping position is essential.

Discover now our guide to find the best pillow for sleeping on your stomach and treat yourself to a soothing, pain-free sleep!

ProductPillow for sleeping on your stomach
Earnings– Better alignment of the spine
– Reduction of muscle tension
– Better comfort
– Improved breathingPrevention of bruxism
Drawbacks – Not suitable for other sleeping positions
– Little support for other parts of the body.
– Often higher cost
– Reinforces the “Dependence” on the prone position
alternatives– Sleep on your stomach without a pillow
Our opinionThe use of a pillow specially designed for sleep on your stomach is strongly recommended in order to reduce painful muscle tension, reduce stress on the back and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Our recommendations

A few words about the prone position

La prone sleeping position, that is, the fact of sleep on your stomach, is a position that consists of lying with your stomach against the mattress, your head turned to the side and your arms usually placed around the pillow or along your body.

This is one of the least common sleeping positions, chosen by only 7 to 10% of the population, which is a good thing since it is not recommended by health professionals!

Indeed, according to sleep specialists, sleeping on your stomach is often considered the "Worst sleeping position!" ».

According to them, this position can be the cause of several inconveniences for health.

First, it interferes with breathing and digestion, thereby disrupting the normal functioning of these essential systems during sleep.

Then, she exercises a significant stress on the cervical region, as well as on lumbar and thoracic regions, which can cause back pain, the neck and even headache.

In addition, this position favors folds and rides at face level.

If you are a fan of prone position, be aware that you are more likely to develop a bruxism, that is to say a teeth grinding during sleep, which can lead to dental problems and facial pain.

Even if you feel comfortable in this position, it is important to consider these concerns and think about the possible consequences on your long-term health!

Recommendations from sleep experts suggest opting for alternative sleeping positions, such as sleep on your back or on the side, which offer a better spinal alignment and a reduction in muscle tension.

If, after several attempts, you are unable to change your sleeping position and can only sleep on your stomach, we advise you to use a pillow adapted to the prone position.

Pillow for sleeping on your stomach: what is it?

Un pillow for sleeping on your stomach is a pillow specially designed to meet the needs of people who prefer this sleeping position. It has several distinctive features that make it suitable for this specific posture.

First, a pillow for sleeping on your stomach is usually more flat et softer than traditional pillows. This allows to reduce the distance between your head and the mattress, thus avoiding excessive hyperextension of the neck.

Thus, a thinner pillow helps to keep your spine in a more neutral position, limiting tension and pain in the neck.

Then, a pillow for sleeping on your stomach is often made with soft and fluffy materials, such as memory foam or fluff. These materials provide a comfortable and cozy support for your head, distributing pressure more evenly and reducing uncomfortable pressure points.

In addition, some pillows for sleeping on your stomach incorporate cavities to special shapes which better accommodate your face and nose when lying on your stomach, improving the breathing and reducing feelings of suffocation.

Also, like other types of pillows, stomach sleeping pillows can be made with hypoallergenic materials, antibacterial ou Anti-dust mite.

Summary of the characteristics of a pillow specially designed for “belly sleepers”:

  • Thickness : flatter and thinner;
  • Firmness: softer and fluffier;
  • Cutout (shape): fitted with cavities to accommodate the face and allow better breathing.

Pillow for sleeping on your stomach: advantages

Mediafixer pillows specially designed for stomach sleepers offer many advantages. According to sleep health professionals, these pillows help "limit the damage" from this position which is considered harmful for the spine and the body in general!

Here are some of the main advantages of pillows intended for belly sleepers :

  • Better alignment of the spine: these pillows are designed to hold your head, neck and spine in a neutral position, preventing tension and back pain. Correct alignment of the spine, with respect for its physiological curvatures, promotes healthy posture during sleep.
  • Reduction of cervical tension: pillows for sleeping on your stomach are generally flatter and softer, which helps to avoid excessive extension of the neck and reduce stiffness in the cervical area, thus reducing the risk of pain upon waking.
  • Better comfort: these pillows are designed with soft and plush materials that provide comfortable support for your head and face. They also distribute pressure more evenly, avoiding uncomfortable pressure points and promoting peaceful sleep.
  • Improved breathing: pillows for sleeping on your stomach often incorporate special cavities or cutouts to accommodate the face and nose to allow for better breathing during sleep.
  • Prevention of bruxism: some stomach sleeping pillows are designed with special features to reduce bruxism, the grinding of teeth during sleep. They provide proper support for the jawbone, reducing tension and pressure on teeth and joints.
  • Fight against allergies: some pillows specifically designed for stomach sleepers incorporate hypoallergenic, antibacterial, or dust mite properties so allergy-prone people can enjoy a peaceful, comfortable sleep.

Pillow for sleeping on your stomach: disadvantages

Even though pillows specially designed for people who sleep on their stomach offer advantages, it is also important to take into account certain potential drawbacks the main ones of which are:

  • Limitation of sleeping positions: Pillows for sleeping on your stomach are designed specifically for this sleeping position, they may be less comfortable or less suitable if you change your position during the night. If you tend to move around and adopt different sleeping positions, be aware that this may limit the effectiveness of the pillow.
  • Lack of support for other parts of the body: Pillows for sleeping on your stomach are primarily designed to support the head and neck. However, they may not provide adequate support for other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, hips, or legs.
  • Not suitable for everyone: some people may find they are too flat or too soft, which can lead to a feeling of discomfort or lack of support. Each individual has different preferences when it comes to pillow firmness and height, so it's important to find the one that best suits your body and your needs.
  • Higher cost: Pillows specifically designed for stomach sleeping can sometimes be more expensive than traditional pillows. This is due to their design and the materials used. If you have a limited budget, this can be a disadvantage when choosing.

“Dependence” on the prone position: if you use a pillow specifically designed for sleeping on your stomach, you will feel so comfortable that it will be difficult for you to change position — remember that the prone position is generally considered less favorable for your health!

Pillow for sleeping on your stomach: alternatives

Sleep without a pillow

Many people who adopt the prone position have chosen to do without a pillow due to problems with their thickness, which can lead to tension in the neck and cervical.

Sleeping without a pillow can be an interesting option, especially for maintaining proper alignment between the neck and spine, especially if the pillow used is not suitable or lower quality...

This approach can promote more natural sleeping position, reduce neck pain, improve blood circulation and allow a better cerebral ventilation, thus contributing to reduce migraines.

Thus, going without a pillow when sleeping on your stomach is quite possible, indeed beneficial in certain situations !

Nevertheless, for many people, the use of a pillow is a entrenched habit since childhood and it can be difficult to do without. Many consider the pillow to be essential for their comfort and a good night's sleep.

That is why choosing a pillow suitable for the sleeping position on your stomach becomes essential. Opting for a pillow specially designed for this position will provide the level of comfort necessary for optimal rest!

It is important to note that the choice of whether or not to use a pillow when stomach sleep is a personal decision. Everyone should listen to their own body and find the position and accessories that provide the most comfort and support while sleeping.

My physiotherapist reviews

It is undeniable that the pillows specially designed for the prone position offer important benefits for people who prefer this sleeping position.

Although there are potential downsides to consider, these pillows are recommended, because they allow at least limit the negative effects associated with the prone position.

The main advantages of pillows for sleeping on your stomach lie in their ability to maintain spinal alignment and effectively reduce neck tension.

Usually designed with soft and fluffy materials, this type of pillows will offer you a comfortable support for your head and a even pressure distribution.

In addition, some special features, such as cavities to cutouts for face and nose, improve breathing, which can be beneficial if you have trouble breathing when you sleep on your stomach.

Even if the pillows specifically designed for sleeping on your stomach are not perfect and have their limits, they constitute a option recommended for those who prefer this position. If we compare them to classic pillows, they offer a best support and better ergonomics, which can help minimize the strain and pain associated with the prone position.

Be careful, if you have specific health problems, like the respiratory disorders to chronic pain (osteoarthritis, herniated disc, asthma, sleep apnea, etc.), we advise you to consult a healthcare professional or sleep specialist for advice tailored to your condition.

How to choose a pillow to sleep on your stomach?

If you've decided to take the plunge and get yourself a pillow adapted to the prone sleeping position, be aware that it is essential to take into account a certain number of criteria to make the best possible choice!

1. Thickness and firmness

The main characteristic of a pillow designed for sleeping on your stomach is its thickness, it must be flat! Indeed, excessive thickness can lead to excessive extension of the neck, leading to significant muscle and joint tension and sources of pain.

Thus, the first rule when choosing a pillow as a "stomach sleeper" is to choose a model flat and soft.

On the firmness side, the pillow must be firm enough to provide good support, but not too firm to avoid uncomfortable pressure points.

It is therefore important totry several models before opting for the one that offers you the best feeling!

2. Manufacturing materials

We recommend choosing a pillow made with soft, fluffy materials, such as memory foam, fluff or hypoallergenic materials.

Always make sure that the materials used are of high quality and durable.

3. Cervical support

Opt for a pillow that offers a adequate neck and spine support.

Look for pillows with cavities or cutouts specials for the face, thus allowing better breathing and reducing feelings of suffocation while providing excellent support for the cervical area.

4. Size and shape

Make sure the pillow size corresponds to your needs and the size of your head, taking the time to carefully read the indications given on the label or the product sheet.

The shape of the pillow may vary, but make sure it fits your face comfortably when you are in the prone position. Again, it is important to try several pillows (on site or at home) in order to make the best choice.

5. Hygiene and maintenance

Check if the pillow is easy to maintain, washable and if it has antibacterial properties ou Anti-dust mite to maintain optimal hygiene.

6. Tests and warranties

If possible, look for pillows with trial period ou money back guarantee to ensure that the pillow is suitable for your personal needs and comfort.

Some sellers offer up to 30 nights of trials! So don't hesitate to properly test your pillow before making your final choice, especially when it comes to an expensive pillow!

7. User Reviews

Before making a purchase, take the time to consult the opinions and recommendations of other users to get an idea of ​​the quality and effectiveness of the pillow you are considering buying.

Practical applications

Now that you have got yourself a pillow specially designed for sleeping on your stomach, it is a question of using it in the right way in order todraw the maximum profits!

We therefore make you benefit in the part that follows from a few advices and we answer some questions you may have after purchasing a pillow for belly sleepers!

How to properly sleep on your stomach with a pillow?

To sleep correctly on your stomach using a pillow specially designed for this position, here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Position the pillow correctly: place your pillow under your head so that it supports your neck without raising it excessively while ensuring that your spine remains aligned to avoid unnecessary tension.
  • Avoid raising your hips: When you sleep on your stomach, it is important to avoid raising your hips excessively by using a pillow that is too thick or bending your legs. This can lead to strain in your lower back. Instead, try to keep your hips aligned with the rest of your body.
  • Correctly position your lower limbs: you can place a cushion or thin pillow under your hips and ankles to relieve pressure on your back and spine. You can also bend your knees slightly to ease tension in your lower back.
sleep in prone position with pillows
It is possible to adjust the prone position to make it comfortable!
  • Position your arms correctly: place your arms comfortably on either side of the pillow or under the pillow to support your chest. Avoid placing them above your head, as this creates tension in the shoulders and neck.
  • Adopt a neutral posture: try to keep your head and neck in a neutral position and aligned with the rest of your spine. Avoid turning your head excessively to one side or the other to limit muscle tension and neck pain.

Everyone is different, so it is important that you stay tuned to your own body and adjust accordingly. If you feel any tension or discomfort, try changing your pillow or body position slightly to find the most comfortable position!

We remind you that sleep on your stomach is not the ideal sleeping position because of its negative effects on the spine and health in general (digestion, breathing, etc.). So if you suffer from neck/back pain or have trouble sleeping well, it may be beneficial to consult a health professional or a sleep specialist to benefit from Personalized advice.

How to wash a pillow designed for the prone position?

Wash a pillow specially designed for sleep on your stomach may vary depending on materials and manufacturer's instructions. However, most pillows of this type can be washed by following a few general steps.

In most cases, the pillows specially designed for sleep on your stomach Peuvent être hand washed ou in machine, depending on the product instructions.

If you opt for a hand washing :

  • Fill a sink or basin with warm water and add a mild detergent.
  • Immerse pillow in water and gently rub to remove stains and dirt.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water until all soap is removed.
  • Gently squeeze the pillow to remove excess water.

If you prefer to use the washing machine (after ensuring that your pillow is compatible with this type of washing):

  • Place the pillow in a protective cover or heavy-duty pillowcase before putting it in the machine to protect it and reduce friction during washing.
  • Use a gentle or delicate cycle with warm or cold water, and use a mild detergent — never use bleach or harsh bleaches.
  • After the wash cycle is complete, be sure to rinse the pillow thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

For drying, it is generally recommended to dry the pillows outdoors, flat ou hanging. Make sure they are completely dry before using them again after a few gentle pats to restore their original shape.

Please note that some specific brands or types of pillows may have special washing instructions, which is why it is always best to consult the manufacturer's recommendations that come with the pillow or follow the specific instructions indicated on the care label.

Can you sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant?

La recommended sleeping position during pregnancy is usually sleep on the side, preferably on the left side. This position is ideal because it allows better blood flow to the placenta and fetus, and a relief of pressure on internal organs (particularly the abdominal and pelvic organs).

Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy may be less comfortable as the belly grows and the weight of the baby increases - in addition to exerting a pressure on the uterus and restrict blood flow to the baby.

Nevertheless, during the first weeks or months of pregnancy, when the belly is not yet very prominent, some women may feel comfortable sleeping on their stomach.

If you are pregnant and wish to sleep on your stomach, it is important that you listen to your body and adjust to your comfort level.

As your pregnancy progresses and your belly increases in volume, it is recommended to switch to a side sleeping position to optimize your comfort and protect your baby's health.

You can use support pillows such as pregnancy pillows to U-shaped pillows to help you maintain a comfortable lateral position.

In any case, it is recommended to consult your doctor ou your midwife to get specific advice on the most appropriate sleeping position during your pregnancy, taking into account your own situation and individual needs.


Let's recap:

  • Although sleep on your stomach may not be the ideal position for neck and back pain, it is quite possible to find the comfort necessary to sleep well by opting for a pillow specially designed for this position.
  • The use of a extra flat pillow et soft is recommended to limit tension and maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • By taking care of choose a pillow that suits your preferred sleeping position, you can improve your comfort and reduce the risk of neck and back pain.

Do not forget that each person is unique, and it is important tolisten to your body and find the pillow that suits you best. Invest in a quality pillow adapted to your preferred sleeping position can make a real difference in the quality of your rest and your overall well-being.

Make your sleep a priority to wake up every morning in great shape and without pain!

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