Result of the quiz: You may suffer from low back pain with a neurological component

You likely have "low back pain with a neurological component", a condition often equated with sciatica attack or cruralgia.

sacroiliac pain

The most common diagnosis responsible for this condition is herniated disc. However, several causes may explain the irradiations of pain in the leg.

Either way, don't panic! These are problems that can be treated, and which do not necessarily mean surgery (or other invasive procedures)!

Obviously, the best thing to do would be to consult a health professional. In the meantime, here are some recommendations to implement to make your life easier:

  • Avoid complete bed rest, and stay active as much as possible.
  • If you decide to wear a lumbar support, limit its use. (Here's how)
  • Apply compresses of ice or heat (depending on your preference) to soothe pain and reduce muscle tension. Do not exceed 15-20 minutes per application.
  • A good way to control acute pain is to do slow, deep, rhythmic breaths.
  • If the pain becomes incapacitating, your doctor may prescribe medicines adapted to your condition and your medical history.
  • Eventually, it will be important to begin a therapeutic exercise program that includes a cardiovascular component, muscle activation and strengthening, and flexibility. A healthcare professional will be able to guide you through this process.
  • Your doctor will determine if medical imaging examinations are indicated to clarify the diagnosis (for example, a herniated disc). However, it should be noted that several studies have not demonstrated a significant relationship between radiographic findings and patient symptoms.
  • One of the priorities would be to reduce the symptoms of irradiation in the leg. Indeed, several studies have shown that the further the symptoms go down the leg, the less favorable the prognosis.
  • If you feel your symptoms change depending on your mood (stress, relationships with loved ones, etc.), it would be appropriate to adopt a “multifactorial” approach to treating your condition.