Best shiatsu neck massager: Physio review (buying guide)

shiutsu mai shiatsu neck massager

Who has never experienced those unpleasant feelings of pain in the neck after hours spent in the office, in the car or on the plane?

The Shiatsu Neck Massager might be the device you've always needed to get rid of your neck pain accumulated over time. On top of that, you're going to enjoy a real moment of to relax and relaxation at each massage session.

This article aims to provide you with all the information you need to know as well as our opinion as physiotherapist (Physiotherapist) on the shiatsu neck massager.

Un purchase guide containing the different types, selection criteria, alternatives and FAQs will also be made available to you to help you get the best shiatsu neck massager.

ProductShiatsu neck massager
For who ?For everyone : children, adults and the elderly.
In particular those who suffer from neck stiffness and pain
And those who are affected by certain neck pain as'cervical spondylosis.
Benefits– Reduce pain in the neck and shoulders
– Can be used in case ofcervical spondylosis
– Reduce the stress and improve the quality of sleep
– Offers therapy of professional massage
- automatic
– Portable 
– Use at will
– Suitable for all in family
Drawbacks Contraindicated in people who have injuries on the neck and those who take heavy medications (non-exhaustive list)
Or buy ?– Online (on sales platforms)
- At the store
Physio review (our review)Currently, the Shiatsu massage is still among the class of “alternative medicine”. That is to say that its effectiveness has not yet been scientifically proven, a bit like acupuncture.
But, as physiotherapist (Physiotherapist), account is also taken of testimonials and positive feedback received from our customers and from all users in general.
We advise you to try it if you suffer from neck pain or just for a moment of relaxation. Then adopt it if you notice an improvement in your symptoms.

Our recommendations

Donnerberg Shiatsu Cervical Massager

Donnerberg Das Original Cervical Massager | 7 Years Warranty | Massager for neck, shoulders and back | Shiatsu, vibrations and heat | Pure relaxation

This Shiatsu cervical massager from the brand thunder mountain offer multiple functions and advantages that differentiate it from others: continuous or interval vibration function, infrared heat, adjustable intensity levels, 2 spare covers, protective fabric for the skin and biodegradable transport bag.

The Donnerberg Shiatsu neck massager is even recommended by experts in the German Olympic and Sports Confederation.

Another main advantage? It has more than 7 years warranty !

Donnerberg DAS ORIGINAL Cervical Massager – Shiatsu Massager + 7 Year Warranty  

Shiatsu Kesser neck massager

shiatsu neck massager

The brand's Shiatsu neck massager Better a everything to please : ergonomic design, heating function, automatic shut-off after 15 minutes, adjustable massage speed and direction, leather materials supplied with cover… in short, almost all the features of the best shiatsu neck massager brought together in a single product.

In addition, thanks to the protective case and the carrying bag that are included in the delivery, the Shiatsu Kesser cervical massager can be taken everywhere where you are going.

What differentiates it from others? Great sound value for money.

Acheter sur Amazon

Essy Shiatsu Cervical Massager

Essy Cervical Shiatsu Shoulder Massager Cervical and Neck Massage Back and Neck Massage Shiatsu Painful Massage Heating and Relaxation Shiatsu Massager (EU plug)

Experience Shiatsu anytime with this Shiatsu neck massager from the brand essy. This smart device has innovative features Features: Two-way massage heads, adjustable intensity, vibration function and heating function with overheating protection.

The massages he provides are quite deep to put an end to exhausting pain in the neck and shoulders, irritation of the muscles after exercise or tiring headaches and migraines.

In addition, his ergonomic design also makes it suitable for massaging your of and your legs.

Acheter sur Amazon

Takrink Shoulder Neck Massager

TAKRINK Neck Shoulder Massager, Shiatsu Cervical Massager with 16 Massage Roller Nodes in 3D-Rotation, Adjustable Direction and Speed, Leather…

Shiatsu neck massager TAKRINK has more than 18 integrated massage heads. It is thus able to eliminate pain and muscle tension in the neck as soon as first use. With its 15-minute auto shut-off feature, you can relax without worrying about overdoing it.

It is the only one equipped with a belt to improve the fixation while freeing your arms. Moreover, the leather and nylon mesh materials makes this Shiatsu neck massager easy to clean and maintain.

Acheter sur Amazon

Everything you need to know about shiatsu massage

The history of shiatsu

"Shiatsu" is a Japanese term which means "finger pressure". The Japanese have practiced shiatsu as family medicine since ancient times, but it was at the beginning of the XNUMXth century that the term shiatsu began to be used.

Le japanese government recognizes shiatsu as a therapy since 1950. This manual therapy has spread in Europe since the 70s.

What is a Shiatsu neck massager?

Un Shiatsu neck massager is a motorized device that uses the Shiatsu technique to massage the neck. This technique consists of applying pressure on specific points of the neck in order to improve the conditions of meridians and the circulation of QI.

In traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, the QI would circulate in the meridians (interconnected channels) and it is the vital energy of the body.

Thus, shiatsu would relieve the body and get rid of ailments.

What do scientific studies say about shiatsu?

Like the majority of manual therapies, the effectiveness of Shiatsu is not based on no scientific basis until now.

It is noted that there is a lack of research regarding its effectiveness, further studies are needed to issue reliable scientific conclusions.

Thus, shiatsu still appears in the class of unconventional medicines ou alternatives. In other words, non-evidence-based medicine.

Shiatsu neck massager : Why buy a Shiatsu neck massager?

Reduces neck and shoulder pain

As its name describes it so well, the Shiatsu cervical massager is a motorized device designed to deeply massage the muscles of the cervical region through Shiatsu techniques.

If you adopt a posture static all day long, you are more at risk of contracting a back pain which will then radiate towards the neck.

apart from ergonomic office chair for back pain, the Shiatsu neck massager is the ideal solution to relieve back pain. muscle tension in the neck and find a good neck mobility after a big day.

Some even have retaining strap which is placed on the shoulders. This ergonomic design aims to keep the device in place and at the same time, massage the shoulder area.

SNAILAX Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat – 3D-Rotation Cervical Massager for Back, Neck and Shoulders, Christmas Gifts for Mom, Dad
  • 🔥 ENJOY 8-NOT MASSAGE - snailax neck massager with heat has 8 nodes providing deep massage, which is suitable for your neck, shoulder, back, thighs, calves, relieve the fatigue of the working day .
  • 🔥OPTIONAL HEATING FUNCTION & SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY – gentle heat that helps relax muscle pain and soothe fatigue. simultaneously improve blood circulation.

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Can be used in case of cervical osteoarthritis

THEcervical spondylosis may cause neck muscle pain. Indeed, these muscles must work more to compensate for the loss of stability of the cervical part of the spine.

The Shiatsu cervical massager helps to relieve these muscles by reducing the tension exerted on them. We advise you to opt for Shiatsu neck massagers with adjustable intensity so that the action of the device is limited to the muscles and does not aggravate the friction of the bones. 

However, be sure to discuss this with your doctor first.  

Reduce stress and improve sleep quality

The Shiatsu cervical massager targets specific points in the neck. It is perfect for nervous people at the edge of Burn out. Thanks to the Shiatsu technique, the pressure exerted on these targeted points makes it possible to considerably reduce the stress !

Once relaxed, sleep will come on its own. What makes the Shiatsu neck massager the perfect massage device for people who have difficulty with Find sleep.


One of the main reasons for getting a Shiatsu neck massager is that you will be able to enjoy a moment of relaxation everywhere and any time. The weight rarely exceeds 2 kilos, which makes it light and easy to carry.

Going on a long trip or need to stretch at the office? All you have to do is turn on your Shiatsu neck massager and enjoy a moment of well-being.

To do this, opt for portable and wireless models. Like this one :

RINRI Cervical and Neck Massager, Wireless Neck Massage Device, USB-C Rechargeable
  • 【Shiatsu Neck Massager】The neck and neck massager with heat simulates a real hand, kneading and pressing the neck while providing gentle heat to effectively reduce fatigue and muscle tension. 3 modes can meet different needs.
  • 【Quiet and strong massage】Neck massager with 4 massage heads (20 massage nodes) that can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise.Massages the deep tissues of the neck and shoulders to relieve pain and improve stiffness. Equipped with a high quality motor that operates at less than 55dB.

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Professional massage therapy at your home 

Most of us are a little skeptical that a massager would be able to provide so many benefits. That it's only one gadgets like everyone else.

But currently, thanks to technology, a Shiatsu neck massager simulates real hands by offering sequences of movements very realistic.

Especially the models with built-in heat that provide soothing warmth during the massage! It's like getting a massage from a professional every time.

DERSUMA Shiatsu Neck Massager: electric neck massager with heating function
  • U-Shape Shiatsu Massager: Cordless massage cushions. The ergonomic design of the U-shaped massage cushion provides excellent support for the cervical vertebrae, while the neck shiatsu massage can reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebrae, relieve neck muscle pain. Cushion without order, neck massage, heating pillow neck, shiatsu neck pillow

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Buy once: Unlimited use

Another advantage of the Shiatsu cervical massager is that you only pay its price out of your pockets and then enjoy a use at will.

With a Shiatsu neck massager, you won't need to pay for each session. Your only task is to recharge it when it is empty. And there again, nothing to worry about, because Shiatsu neck massagers are designed to be powerful.

We have selected this powerful device for you if you do not have the head to recharge your device every time:

One product for the whole family

Shiatsu neck massager suitable for everybody : adults, young people, elderly people and even children. The whole family can enjoy a moment of massage and relaxation.

It is perfect for family use.

Shiatsu neck massager: Reviews from our patients and other users

« The Shiatsu neck massager eases et relaxes, everyone who is tried at my house is a fan »

"Initially, the Shiatsu cervical massager reduces the neck pain and secondly, he relax the muscles »

"No more need for beg for a massage to someone, the Shiatsu neck massager is effective after a hard day's work! »

Here are the user reviews after using the Shiatsu neck massager.

Some still warn not to use the cervical massager without taking breaks. This could cause the muscles more harm than good.

Buying guide for a shiatsu neck massager

How to choose your neck shiatsu massager?

In order to choose among the best Shiatsu neck massagers, we have gathered the main selection criteria for you:

power and endurance

These criteria are at the top of the list for a reason. Before concentrating on the design or the various possible adjustments, first linger over the power et endurance Shiatsu neck massager.

The ideal would be not to go below 1.000 mAh for good endurance even for frequent use.


You can choose between different possible materials:

Velvet : Provides a comfortable touch against the skin, but cleaning can be difficult.

Leather : The touch is not as soft as velvet, but it can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

Polyurethane(PU): Resistant, light and not sensitive to humidity.

 : soft and flexible, it adapts perfectly to the contours of your neck.

The noise level

The goal with a Shiatsu neck massager is to relax in peace. It would be a shame to be disturbed by the noise it will generate during your sessions.

Take a good look at the characteristics of your products and opt for those that offer a noise level lower than 50 decibels (comparable to the sound of a butterfly flying). 

The way of feeding

The Shiatsu neck massager can be powered in different ways, depending on the model and brand.

USB cable : easily plugs into computer, outlet or USB wall charger.

Built-in rechargeable batteries or batteries: Portable and convenient for use on the go.

On electrical outlet: A power adapter is usually supplied with your device.

The settings

To have full control and adjust the massage according to your preferences, it is a good idea to choose the available setting options carefully:

Vitesse : A speed adjustment option allows you to adapt the rhythm of the device according to your needs and to obtain different intensities.

Direction : Adjusting the direction allows you to get different massages


A Shiatsu cervical massager is placed on your shoulders, we advise you to opt for light models to avoid tiring your upper back.

The different types: Which Shiatsu neck massager to choose?

You have surely noticed during your reading that there are different types of shiatsu cervical massager. In short, there are different types depending on:

  • Power mode: integrated battery or battery (wireless versions), on mains.
  • Matter : leather, PU, ​​silicone or fabric (usually velvet).
  • Integrated options : Heated shiatsu neck massager to enjoy heat therapy.
  • Design : With strap or in U

The choice depends on your preferences and expectations.

Shiatsu Neck Massager Alternatives


THEacupuncture and Shiatsu are both unconventional medicines Eastern cultures that share the same theoretical bases. Acupuncture is one of the alternatives to the shiatsu neck massager.

Unlike, this practice makes use ofneedles not massage. And it must be done by a professional.


La maderotherapy is an ancient massage therapy that makes use of wood. Can be used as an alternative to a Shiatsu neck massager. It offers many benefits for the body.

The downside is that you have to massage yourself.

Kit 6 Pieces Maderotherapy Complete Cellulite Kit, Wooden Massage, Anti Cellulite, Lymphatic Drainage, Manual Roller Massage Device, Massage and Relaxation
  • 💆【Set Includes】: the set includes 1 Wood Therapy Swedish Cup, 1 Massage Mushroom Head, 1 Wooden Cube Massager, 1 9 Wheel Massager, 1 Rope Massage Roller and 1 Wooden Scraper Massager, which can meet the different needs of your body parts, relax your muscles and release stress.
  • 💆‍♂️【Quality Materials】: These wooden massager materials are made from 100% natural wood with a fine texture, expertly polished for a smooth, burr-free surface that won't cut your skin, is easy to clean and not easily damaged for long term use.

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Go to a professional

To enjoy the benefits of Shiatsu, you can go to a practitioner certified in Shiatsu massage or work in collaboration with a physiotherapist.

Cervical hammock

Le neck hammock is an effective alternative especially for people suffering from neck pain, neuralgia or torticollis. In short, chronic neck pain.

Cervical Relaxation Hammock, HALOVIE Relaxation Hammock by Reinforced Cervical Traction
  • ⋆ EFFECTIVE RELIEF – By gently stretching the neck, this hammock cervical traction relaxes muscles and promotes blood circulation, which reduces compression on the spine and relieves fatigue and pain in the neck and head. Perfect for office workers, students, drivers, athletes and people who always suffer from neck pain due to poor posture or sedentary lifestyle.

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Verdict: Shiatsu neck massager or alternative?

If you are looking to have a moment of relaxation, without your participation and at a single cost, nothing equals the Shiatsu cervical massager.

Shiatsu neck massager: FAQ, tips and advice

How long for a massage session with the shiatsu neck massager?

In general, it is advisable not to exceed the 15 minutes by sessions to avoid traumatizing the neck muscles. Moreover, to make massage the neck without a break causes nausea and vomiting.

For this there are versions with function automatic shutdown after 15 minutes, like this model:

Vinteky Neck Massager Device Cervical Shiatsu Massager Multifunction Massager Neck Shoulder Adjustable Intensity
Having 3 levels of massage intensity to choose from, this neck massager can massage lightly or strongly as you wish. Equipped with a 15-minute auto shut-off system and an overheat protection device, the shiatsu shoulder massager promises you worry-free safety.

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At what time of the day should I use Shiatsu cervical massage?

You can massage yourself when you feel the need. For this, you have to listen to your body while avoiding falling into abuse.

For people who have trouble sleeping, use your device before going to bed. For those who need a boost during the day, getting a massage in the morning before leaving the house is recommended.

You can also get a massage during breaks at work to be in shape after each session.

How to optimize the benefits of Shiatsu?

  • Adopt a food healthy and varied
  • Limit sources of stress as much as possible, which can also cause back pain.
  • Exercise regularly

In short, take care of yourself.

Sources and references

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