Best magnetic back straightener: physiotherapist's opinion and recommendations

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A single posture held for a fairly long time is harmful to the back in addition to promoting ailments and certain pathologies. There are several possible solutions to remedy this problem, but in this article, we are going to talk about the magnetic back straightener. It is a medical device that helps in particular to counteract the hunched back effect in order to create a variety of positions for the back during daily life. In addition, it has a magnet that would stimulate blood circulation and act in depth against the back pain.

If you are interested in this product, we give you a recommendation on the models most appreciated by our patients.

ProductMagnetic back straightener
Who is it for?– For people who have a posture problem (hunched back all day long for example) especially at work
– For people who suffer from back pain, lumbago, chest pain, sciatica, herniated disc or shoulder pain
– For people who want to prevent or relieve kyphoscoliosis, Scoliosis
Drawbacks – Contraindicated for pregnant people and pacemaker carriers
– Contraindicated for people who have had recent shoulder and neck surgery
– A soreness at the beginning of its use
– Does not constitute a treatment in itself for back pain
– Should not be worn too long at the risk of softening the back muscles
The alternatives- Corrective bra posture for women
- straightens back orthopedic
- Sacroiliac belt
Our opinion– Very effective according to the opinions of our patients
- Very good value for money
– Worth trying

Our recommendations

Among the many kinds of magnetic back straighteners, we have selected for you some of the most used and appreciated by users.

Magnetic back straightener: an effective medical accessory that helps relieve back pain

Le magnetic back straightener is a medical device that can accompany you on a daily basis without getting in your way, but brings many benefits.

The action of the magnetic back straightener is already described in its name. She straightens your back to adopt an upright posture, but in a gentle way. It brings your shoulders back slightly and aligns your spine to regain its physiological position. It is an interesting material in that it helps to give variation to the position of the back which is generally curved forward. As a reminder, there is not exactly a healthy or correct posture. It is above all the fact of keeping a single position for a fairly long period of time which is sometimes the source of the problem.

Le posture corrector magnetic can be used in preventive and curative use.

En preventive use, it forces the back to stand straight in order to change positions that are too leaning forward or backward even before the appearance of possible pain or problems.

En curative use, it is often recommended for relieve pain and discomfort associated with static posture.

In addition, the magnets that make up the back straightener have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. It also appears that these devices promote better blood circulation.

Here is our recommendation if you are interested in this product.

Self-heating magnetic back straightener
  • ❤【Upper and Lower Back Support】: The posture support of the belt focuses on full back support, effective assistance, relaxation of muscle fatigue and relief of joint and back pain.
  • ❤【Magnet Spontaneous Tropical】: Built-in 40 hot needle arrays and nano-infrared, fast heat dissipation, long-lasting effect, effectively help improve blood flow and promote blood circulation.
  • ❤【Body Sculpting】: Magnetic care, broad shoulders and back, improve waist and shoulder discomfort, correct posture and shape, improve heat and double your health.

The pros and cons of magnetic back straighteners


The benefits of magnetic back straighteners on the back, and even on health in general, are numerous.

It protects you against many back pains: back pain, sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder painEtc..

It also strengthens the main core muscles. It allows to put in place all the muscles at the level of the back and the shoulder which will considerably reduce the pressures at the level of the joint which reduces joint pain.

The magnetic back straightener indirectly contributes to the improvement of blood circulation. It frees the blood vessels. This theory is not yet verified by science.

This medical device helps to breathe better. A slumped posture can interfere with the lungs and diaphragm, making it difficult for you to breathe properly. With a more horizontal posture, you free up your lungs and also improve your breathing.

Using the magnetic back straightener can also have an effect on the mind. It gives its wearer a new look and leads to more confidence and self-esteem.

woman wearing posture corrector

The magnetic back straightener is an easy accessory to put on (even when alone). There is a wide range of them which can be suitable for all body types. In some models, the size is even adjustable. It is suitable for everyone: man or woman, adult or teenager. Usually, this accessory is almost unnoticed, so you can wear discreetly.

Most magnetic back straighteners are easy to maintain. They can be machine or hand washed. Avoid drying them with a tumble dryer.

This posture corrector is very interesting from the point of view of its characteristics. You can wash it by hand.

Hand washable magnetic back straightener
  • Reduction of back pain: Our posture corrector back combined with physical therapy, helps in the treatment of back pain, scoliosis, spondilolistis and thoracic syndrome.
  • BACK, NECK AND SHOULDER SUPPORT - Ducomi Posture Back Belt works by training the muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment. The back support helps to have a correct posture.
  • Importance of good posture: The importance of a posture corrector for men cannot be underestimated. Always remember to be straight, keep your shoulders down.


The magnetic back straightener never replaces the treatments prescribed by a health professional against back pain. If you have severe back pain, it is always important to consult a doctor or a physiotherapist.

Although the magnetic back straightener is suitable for anyone, there are a few people who are not allowed to wear this device, including pregnant women and people with pacemakers. Magnets can have an adverse effect on their health.

People with a malformation or deformity in the spine, as well as people who have had a recent history of shoulder and neck surgery should also seek the advice of a doctor before proceeding. to use this kind of posture corrector.

When you choose a magnetic back straightener, opt for a model adapted to your morphology. A back straightener that is too tight can cause skin irritation, discomfort and even pain.

here is a model of magnetic back straightener available in several sizes. It's up to you to choose what suits you best.

magnetic posture corrector
  • Helps Correct Bad Posture – This back product can help correct bad posture. Daily wear can help you avoid slouching, hunching, or round shoulders.

A soreness can appear, from the first week of use of this accessory. This is a normal reaction as your muscles gradually adjust to the new posture, however, the pain subsides over time.

Do not wear a back straightener for too long at the risk of softening the back muscles.

What users say about the magnetic back straightener

Do you have doubts about the effectiveness of the back straightener? Well, know that those who have already bought it before you also had this kind of reluctance at first.

However, the majority of them were pleasantly surprised with the result. According to our patients, the product does exactly its job as a back straightener. In addition, it is easy to use and comfortable to wear, in particular thanks to the presence of adjustments.

Those who have suffered from back pain say they have found comfort with this device.

And when it comes to value for money, our patients have been satisfied.

We recommend this model which is highly appreciated by our patients.

Comfortable magnetic back straightener
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Lightweight and soft fabric for comfortable posture support, provides huge pulling force for the shoulders.
  • 10 magnets: 6 magnets on the back + 4 magnets on the waist. Our back support constantly reminds you to maintain an upright posture to prevent you from laziness and a hunchback, while gradually developing the habit of good posture and improving your physical condition.

Our Alternatives

Aside from using a back straightener, there are also various ways to relieve and prevent back discomfort on a daily basis. Here are the recommendations of our physiotherapist.

Change your posture regularly

We never repeat it enough, there really is no good or bad posture. It is the static position that harms the back the most, in addition to other factors such as stress, insomnia and even diet. So remember to vary the way you stand as much as possible whether you are sitting or standing. Your back will thank you.


Do lumbar strengthening exercises

The lumbar region plays a major role in back support. It is this part that accumulates all the loads that come from the upper body before distributing them to the lower limbs. It also provides support for the spine.

To take care of the lumbar muscles, you have to do exercises that aim to strengthen them. As an example, there is the back sheathing.

To perform the back plank, here are the steps to follow:

  • Lie on your back with your arms extended along your body;
  • Bend the legs and keep the feet glued to the ground;
  • Form a 90° angle between your legs and your pelvis;
  • Anchor your shoulders and elbows firmly to the ground;
  • Raise your buttocks until your torso and pelvis line up with your lower legs.

In this position, raise one leg for about 15 seconds, then lower it to the ground. Then do the same movement with the other leg.

Do back straightening exercises

Indeed, there are specific exercises intended to straighten the spine and back. You will find them here.

Consider other medical devices

There are also other products that act on the back and posture. Here are the most popular according to the opinions of our patients and our experts.


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