Sacroiliac belt: pain relief (buying guide and physio advice)

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Pain in the sacroiliac joints represents a real constraint in daily life. This condition greatly limits movement and is responsible for back pain. In the evening, during the acute phases, it even prevents sleep.

To relieve yourself, why not opt ​​for the sacroiliac belt ? It is a very practical and easy to use medical device.

If you are interested in a sacroiliac belt, we give you recommendations of the models most appreciated by consumers and those with the most positive opinions in terms of effectiveness. We will also tell you when to avoid wearing it, and the disadvantages and alternatives associated with this accessory.

ProductSacroiliac belt
Who is it for?– People who suffer from sacroiliac syndrome, lumbar osteoarthritis, instability of the sacroiliac joints, sacroiliac osteoarthritis...
– People who have a inflammation of the tendon of the iliopsoas muscle ;
– People who have a relaxation of the bones of the pelvis or joints…
The inconvenients– Cannot be a treatment for sacroiliac joint dysfunction on its own
Our opinion– Highly appreciated by users
– Worth trying
– Interesting device especially if it is used in accompaniment of the prescriptions of the doctors
The alternatives- Lumbar heating pad
- Lumbar belt

Our recommendations

Here are the sacroiliac belt models that we recommend for relieve your lower back pain. They are effective in addition to having a plus on the practical side and the design.

A little reminder about pain in the sacroiliac joints

Before we get to the sacroiliac girdle, let's first talk about the sacroiliac joints and the sources of their pain. This will help you better understand the usefulness of the product we offer you.

Well, anatomically, the sacroiliac joints are the joints that connect the two ilium bones (the two flared bones on the left and right of the pelvis) to the sacrum (the lower end of the spine).

The sacroiliac joints have the function of connecting the spine to the bones of the legs, but not only. They are also the ones that support the weight of the upper body and evenly distribute the loads to the hips and lower limbs. All this is possible above all thanks to strong ligaments. As you will have understood, it is these which ensure the stability of the sacroiliac joint.

Sacroiliac joint Sacroiliac belt

Many conditions can cause these joints to malfunction and make them painful. We can cite:

  • trauma;
  • sacroiliac syndrome: painful mechanical phenomenon due to repetitive movements of the pelvis and lumbar region, excessive effort, unevenness of the lower limbs, hyperlordosis, a fall on the buttocks, etc.;
  • hypermobility: it can be genetic or follow a mechanical overload or pregnancy;
  • degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis;
  • inflammatory diseases: sacroiliitis, ankylosing spondylitis ;
  • infectious diseases such as brucellosis: these are very rare.

According to several sources, the sacroiliac joints are involved in many cases of back pain. This usually manifests as pain in the lower back or lumbago. It then radiates to the hip, thigh and groin. In the legs you may feel numbness and sometimes even a feeling of weakness.

Depending on the type and severity of the lesion, symptoms may be unilateral or bilateral. They get worse with prolonged sitting and standing, walking, climbing stairs, and moving from sitting to standing. You also cannot sleep on your side at the risk of suffering severe pain.

As for the treatment of sacroiliac pain, it mainly depends on the cause. However, in most cases, the sacroiliac belt can provide very interesting temporary relief.

What is a sacroiliac belt used for?

La sacroiliac belt is a medical device that helps maintain the stability of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints, allowing reduce pain. Moreover, it contributes to straightening of the pelvis.

Furthermore, by his supporting role, this tool supports the lower back. Thus, it reduces the tension and pressure due to the weight of the upper body, an asset for the health of the spine.

Here is a model that may suit you perfectly, because it provides optimal support for the pelvis.

Comfortable sacroiliac belt with optimal support
  • ☑️ Suitable for a hip circumference of 80cm to 115cm. Belt length: 112cm. Belt width: 10cm. Our unrestricted design is suitable for both men and women.
  • ☑️ Relieves Joint Pain & Reduces Joint Inflammation: The Vriksasana SI joint belt helps stabilize the sacroiliac joint (or "SI joint") that is hypermobile or inflamed, and reduces pain in the pelvis, lower back and/or legs (symptoms of sciatica) caused by SI joint dysfunction. We strongly recommend that you wear the Vriksasana SI joint belt day and night for at least two weeks.

How does it work?

La sacroiliac belt usually consists of 2 layers. The first layer the non-elastic. It acts like the ligaments and serves to stabilize the joints.

About the second layer, It is elastic. It takes the form of two straps that start from the central seam of the belt. Its role is to further compress the joints so that they regain their natural movements and the body maintains a better posture. The two elastic straps stabilize the pelvis on both sides and allow the device to adapt to all body types.

Equipped with an innovative mechanism, the sacroiliac belt provides gentle massages that spread throughout the sacroiliac region. As a result, blood and oxygen flow better to tissues, ligaments and muscles. This activates the body's self-healing process, reduces pain and possible inflammation.

When and how to wear a sacroiliac belt?

In which cases is the sacroiliac belt indicated?

La sacroiliac belt is specially designed for all people who suffer from pathologies in the sacroiliac joints:

  • sacroiliac syndrome;
  • lumbar osteoarthritis;
  • sacroiliac osteoarthritis ;
  • sacroiliac joint instability;
  • inflammation of the tendon of the iliopsoas muscle;
  • muscle inflammation;
  • sagging bones in the pelvis or joints…

Moreover, it is also an excellent piece of equipment for strengthening the base of the back in people whose work regularly involves carrying heavy loads, bending or turning from side to side.

If you have just had a pelvic fracture, the sacroiliac belt participates in your rehabilitation.

pelvic fracture

In pregnant women, the iliac belt is a considerable help for the back which supports more the weight of pregnancy. And after childbirth, it helps to restore the natural movements of the joints.

We especially recommend this pelvis belt for pregnant women.

Pelvis support belt for pregnant women
  • ABDOMINAL AND LOWER BACK SUPPORT DURING PREGNANCY: Recommended for lower back and abdomen support, pain relief sacroiliac joint pain and round ligaments, as well as for posture correction during pregnancy.
  • HIGH QUALITY BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Durable, lightweight, breathable, flexible and moisture-wicking stretch fabric that keeps the body cool, dry and comfortable, and provides support and stability without restricting movement.

How to put it on correctly?

For wear the sacroiliac belt, place it at the area where the femur bone protrudes from the side of your hips. The central seam of the device must be located well in the middle of the back.

Then close the belt and pull the two straps forward to adjust it properly. If it is too large, it may not be effective.

On the other hand, you must also be careful not to tighten it too much, because it will become uncomfortable, which is not the goal.

How to choose the sacroiliac belt model that suits you?

When buying your sacroiliac belt, just refer to the product size and your own. Indeed, the models generally exist in all sizes:

  • S: 66-78,7cm hip circumference;
  • M: 78,7-96,5cm hip circumference;
  •  L: 96,5-114,3cm hip circumference;
  • XL: 114,3 to 132,1 cm hip circumference;
  • XXL: 132,1 to 149,9 cm hip circumference.

This sacroiliac belt model is available for all sizes.

Sacroiliac belt against sciatica
  • ✅ Suitable for hip sizes from 76 to 114 cm (belt length: 106,7 cm). Belt Width: 11,4" - Our SI Hinged Belt is designed for women and men.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sacroiliac belt?


In summary, the sacroiliac belt has the main advantages of:

  • stabilize the sacroiliac joints;
  • support and strengthen the lower back, pelvis and hips;
  • calm pain and inflammation related to dysfunctions and pathologies of the sacroiliac joints.

One of the main advantages of the sacroiliac belt is its minimalist design. The straps and the belt itself are extremely thin that you can wear it under your clothes without worry. It will go completely unnoticed and what's more, you will not feel any discomfort during your movements.

To keep you comfortable during use, especially if it's for a long time, the models are based on materials breathable, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. Plus, they're hand washable in cold water.


Regarding the disadvantages on the sacroiliac belt, the following must be considered:

  • La sacroiliac belt cannot, on its own, constitute a treatment for dysfunctions of the sacroiliac joints. Indeed, this device intervenes more to relieve pain and stabilize the joints in the short term.
  • Scientific studies on the subject are few and not always convincing.
  • Worn excessively, this accessory can potentially stiffen the spine and atrophy the lumbar muscles. It is therefore important to wear it wisely so as not to create a feeling of dependence.

Thus, to fully heal, one must not rely solely on the sacroiliac belt. A more comprehensive approach should be taken, taking into consideration sleep, level of physical activity, stress, nutrition, etc.

We obviously recommend that you consult a doctor and follow a suitable treatment to optimize the results.

What users are saying

For those who already have tested the sacroiliac belt, the product proves to be truly effective in relieving back and hip pain. Some testify that their pain has completely disappeared. They even say it's amazing.

Others say their pain has become more manageable and bearable.

And, as far as the quality of the products is concerned, all seem satisfied with the comfort they provide and their practicality.

Here is the best-selling model and the most appreciated by users.

Most Selling Sacroiliac Belt
  • Fits hip sizes 76-119cm; belt length: 117cm; belt width: 12 cm. Unrestricted design for men and women.

Our Alternatives

To complement the beneficial effects of the sacroiliac belt, there are also other solutions that you can use to relieve your pain. Here's what we recommend.

Practice physical exercises

To calm sacroiliac pain, we advise you to do gentle exercises that aim to:

  • strengthen the gluteal muscles;
  • soften the hips;
  • stabilize the lower back;
  • correct movements of the sacroiliac joints.

To help you, here are some very easy examples.

The extension in quadruped position

Extension in the quadruped position is a better way to strengthen the back and the glutes.

To do this, start by adopting the position on all fours: hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips.

When your back is straight, extend one leg back as far as possible. Then return to the initial position, and repeat the same movement with the other leg. Do ten repetitions with each leg.

Flexing of the hips

To perform this exercise, lie on your back and straighten your legs. Then, bend one knee so that it comes as close to your chest as possible. During this time, the other knee should remain straight on the floor.

Hold the position for about 15 seconds then switch to the other leg. The ideal is to repeat the exercise 5 times.

Rotation of hips and pelvis

This is the simplest exercise. All you need to do is rotate your hips, first clockwise and then counterclockwise.

You can do this exercise 5 times a day.

Use heat or cold treatment

As you probably know, hot and cold have the ability to soothe pain. In the case of sacroiliac pain, these types of treatment can also be effective if you do not have a superficial injury.

According to your wishes, you can use a hot water bottle or a ice bag. You can also opt for a heating pillow for the back. We offer you this very interesting model.

Heating pad for the back
  • Large heating pad for full back and shoulders and neck.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE SURFACE - The cushion is made with premium flannel, which makes it soft and warm to the touch and covers your back and neck, shoulders, legs or stomach.
  • 👍👍👍 Soft and comfortable surface ▶ The cushion is made of high quality flannel and is so soft and warm that it touches and covers the back and neck, shoulders, legs or stomach.


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