Best pillow for sleeping on your back: Buying guide (physiotherapist review)

sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is a beneficial position to relax the whole body. This is why many of us prefer it. And to have more comfort and ensure better muscle recovery, it is advisable to use special pillows: ergonomic pillows.

Discover in this blog post our selections of the best pillows for sleeping on your back. We chose them based on recommendations and feedback from our patients.

ProductPillow for sleeping on your back
Who is it for?– For people who like to sleep on their back
– For people who suffer from back pain, torticollis, shoulder pain, neck pain...
The inconvenients– Requires adequate thickness
– Requires adequate firmness
Our opinion– Effective for sleeping on your back
- Comfortable
– Worth trying
The alternatives- A ergonomic mattress
- A mattress topper

Our recommendations

Do you usually sleep on your back? We have selected for you some types of pillows most popular with our customers and the models recommended by our experts.

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Why do you need a pillow suitable for sleeping on your back?

When you sleep on your back, the whole body is supported by the mattress and our weight is distributed evenly. You no longer feel any pressure and the fatigue dissipates little by little to give way to relaxation.

In this sleeping position, the natural curvature of the body is also preserved, especially that of the spine. The latter aligns well with the neck which helps prevent back pain when you wake up.

But for all this to be possible, it is necessary to use a well-adapted pillow. The latter must have the ideal firmness that respects the natural curves of the body. It also needs to be the right thickness to fill the gap between the head and the mattress.

When do you need a special pillow for sleeping on your back?

In addition to guaranteeing your comfort during bedtime, pillow for sleeping on your back also helps to relieve pathologies such as torticollis, cervical sprains, cervical lordosis...

Cervical pillow ideal for sleeping on your back
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The advantages and disadvantages of pillows for sleeping on your back


Choose one pillow suitable for sleeping on your back guarantees your comfort during sleep and a restful night.

With its excellent support, it allows the head to rest properly while eliminating the various pressure points found in the neck and shoulders. You will feel more relaxed and calmer. You will benefit from restful sleep.

The inconvenients

The problem with pillows for sleeping on your back is above all that you have to have the right thickness. If it is too bulky, the head can be raised. On the other hand, if it is too flat, the head risks falling back. In any case, this risks creating harmful pressures for the cervical region. It is also not better for blood circulation.

Also, you need to check the firmness as well to find the correct level of support.

What users think

“Comfortable pillow”, “excellent quality”, “soft reception”, “perfect support for the back”, these are the majority of opinions from people who have already tested pillows for sleeping on their backs.

Very comfortable memory foam pillow
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On the maintenance side, these products are also easy to clean. They are machine and hand washable. In addition, the quality of the fabrics and the general condition of the pillows do not change after washing. Just make sure to dry them well.

Moreover, the variety of choices is also a point that greatly satisfies our patients. Antiperspirant, soft, elastic, enveloping, hypoallergenic, everyone can find happiness in a wide range of pillows suitable for sleeping on your back.

The different types of pillows for sleeping on your back

If you are a real back sleeper, here are the selections of pillows that, according to our expertise, can meet your needs, whether in terms of comfort or ergonomics.

Memory foam pillow

The memory foam ear is made of viscoelastic foam which has the property of enveloping the body while providing excellent support. It perfectly matches the shape of the head and neck, which allows total relaxation.

Memory foam pillow
  • Classic High Density Viscoelastic Pillow with Breathable Holes Reduces Muscle Tension and Provides…
  • This visco-super-soft white foam is made from a memory foam with a softness and a…
  • Size: 42×72 cm height 12 cm. All materials are guaranteed and certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ISO 9001:2015.

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wave pillow

With its wave shape, this pillow offers perfect support and support for the neck as well as the cervical spine.

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Anatomically-shaped pillow or physio-shaped pillow

Compared to the other two types of pillows we mentioned above, the physio shaped pillow is more preferable for back sleepers. It has a specific design that is made to accommodate the neck during bedtime.

Orthopedic pillow for optimal support of the cervical region
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How to make the right choice ?

Shape: rectangle or square

Square, round, rectangle or even in the shape of a star or animals, it is certain that you will find several pillow shapes on the market. This diversity aims to satisfy your desires, your tastes and your needs. Thus, some are more suitable for decoration than for sleeping.

In order to guarantee a restful sleep, we advise you to opt for a pillow capable of supporting the cervical region, the neck and the head.

Large hypoallergenic pillow
  • Fabric: 60s high density cotton class A
  • Filling: the top layer is filled with Tussah silk (medium filament), and the bottom layer is 40% soybean fiber and 60% polyester fiber
  • Specifications: 43 × 68 cm

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For you who like to sleep on your back, a rectangular pillow would be the most suitable. With a larger width, your shoulders will rest on the edges which will provide optimal support for the neck and head.

The filling

In terms of upholstery, you will have the choice between several materials.

Memory foam

If you like softness and enveloping support, you will surely find your happiness with a memory foam pillow.

However, remember that this is a heat-sensitive material. It tends to heat up as body temperature and room temperature increase. It can disturb your sleep.


For people who have trouble withstanding the heat, we suggest you turn to a pillow with a latex core.

Memory Foam Latex Pillow
  • FIRMNESS LEVEL: This memory foam pillow provides personalized support and exceptional comfort, ideally adapts to your unique contours, relieves pressure points, reduces muscle tension and promotes optimal sleeping position
  • FILLING OF VEGETABLE ORIGIN: this pillow is designed with a block of 100% vegetable foam from the rubber plant, which combines comfort and durability while respecting the environment
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: made from sustainable materials, this helps reduce the environmental impact linked to production and use, respectful of human health, contributes to a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle

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Rest assured, latex also offers a cozy welcome. It is also a material that easily marries the morphology. But its greatest advantage is that it is breathing If it's hot in the bedroom, this pillow will keep your head cool.

Feathers and down

Soft, inflating, enveloping, thepillow in feathers and downs is also an appropriate piece of bedding for sleeping on your back. As your head rests on the pillow, the lightweight filling softens to conform to the contours of your head and neck.

Polyester fibers

The fiber pillows are also comfortable for sleeping on your back. In addition, it is hypoallergenic.

To make your choice, it is simply necessary to find the right thickness which provides the right support for the head and the neck. Opt for models with a density of 50 kg/m3.

Pillow filled with polyester fiber for excellent neck support
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The thickness

The thickness of the pillow is also a parameter not to be overlooked if you want to sleep comfortably on your back.

According to experts, a maximum thickness of 9 cm will be ideal for enjoying a quality night. Moreover, to find the right volume, the best way is to try. It just has to be ni trop farm ni trop mou.

Our tips for sleeping well on your back

Good habits should never be neglected to promote rapid and optimal sleep:

  • avoid watching TV, the computer and the telephone before bedtime;
  • put a dim light in the room;
  • relax by reading a book or doing meditation;
  • listen to your body and go to bed as soon as the signs of drowsiness appear: yawning, itchy eyes, fatigue.

To enjoy a restful sleep when sleeping on your back, we suggest pairing the pillow with a good mattress.

If you have back pain, you can also put a pillow under your knees or under your lower back.


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