Mattress against back pain: which one to choose to sleep well?

Sciatica mattress

Do you suffer from back pain? Did you know thatun good mattress can ease your pains at night and help you sleep peacefully ? Indeed, bedding well adapted to your state of health and especially to your morphology ensures comfort during sleep.

Therefore, What types of mattresses are best for when you have back pain? How to choose a mattress against back pain?

We will give the answers to all these questions in this article. We are also going to give some tips on the major parameters to take into account to get the ideal mattress to relieve your back pain.

Who is it for?– People who suffer from sciatica,herniated disc or lumbago and who have trouble sleeping
– People who wake up at night because of back pain
– People who suffer from back pain when waking up in the morning
Drawbacks – Does not solve the problem of back pain (requires a consultation with the doctor)
– Lack of scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness
alternatives- Pelvic belt
- Heating pillow for the back
Our opinion– Highly appreciated by users
– Helps improve sleep
– Can help treat back pain along with other specific treatments

Our recommendations

Here are the mattresses against back pain that we recommend taking into account our experience and especially taking into account user feedback.

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Choosing a mattress: the criteria to take into account

The mattress is one of the pieces of bedding that guarantees comfort during sleeping. If yours is not adapted to your morphology or your weight, it is possible that your back pain wakes up at night. Symptoms can even get worse, exposing you to significant pain when you wake up in the morning.

To make the right choice of mattress, you have to consider a few specific criteria.

The firmness

The firmness of the mattress is the first parameter to know before buying a mattress, especially for people with back pain. It is she who ensures the support of the pressure zones of the body during sleeping. This particularly concerns the back, but also the neck, shoulders, hips and buttocks.

To test the support of the mattress, there is nothing simpler than to try it. Start by lying on your back. Then, perform different positions: on the side, on the stomach, elbow placed under the head...

If you can easily change position on the mattress, it is because the firmness of the latter suits your build.

On the other hand, if you sink too much inside, it means that the mattress is too soft for you, which is not very recommended.


The reception defines the feeling that the mattress gives you when it comes into contact with the body. 

Depending on the number of layers of filling and the nature of the materials used, the reception can be soft, extra soft or tonic. It also conditions the temperature and humidity during the night to give you more comfort.

The choice depends solely on your taste.

If you are particularly looking for comfort and a restful night, we recommend this mattress. It is perfect for relieving lower back pain.

Adaptive memory foam mattress
  • VERY COST-EFFECTIVE: The mattress uses high-density, high-quality, high-rebound foam. High quality materials give you a perfect sleeping experience.
  • PERFECT SUPPORT: A mattress with moderate firmness gives you solid support. Ergonomic design to relieve physical stress.
  • EASY CARE AND BREATHABLE: The 100% Polyester Fabric cover has a better feel, allows the mattress to "breathe", wicks away heat and absorbs moisture. Anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, hypoallergenic.

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Body size: another criterion not to be overlooked when choosing a mattress

Whatever the firmness and composition of the mattress, you should know that body size also matters.

In this context, there is already a reference table on which we can determine the ideal level of firmness of the mattress according to the height as well as the weight of each individual.

  • Weight less than 50 kg: soft mattress
  • Weight between 50 to 80 kg: semi-firm mattress
  • Weight between 80 to 95 kg: firm mattress
  • Weights over 100 kg: very firm mattress

Sleeping independence

Sleeping independence also remains a criterion to check when you have back pain and you sleep together. In this way, there is no risk that your partner's movements affect you and accentuate your pain.

Soft, firm, semi-firm or orthopedic mattress: what to choose when you have back pain?

The soft mattress

Le soft mattress is easily recognized by the sensation of softness that one feels as soon as one lies down on it.

Grâce à son accueil moelleux, ce type de matelas apaise les points de pressions du corps. De plus, il moule les courbures ce qui permet à la colonne vertébrale de garder son alignement naturel tout au long de la nuit. C’est un enormous asset in the event of a lumbago.

In addition, to benefit from the advantages of the soft mattress, you must feel better support. That is why it is recommended especially for people of small stature and with a lighter body weight.

For people with a large build, the soft mattress is not suitable. The weight of the body forces him to sink into the mattress. Thus, instead of becoming lighter, the pressure points undergo more stress. In this condition, it is also difficult to maintain proper spinal alignment. Back pain can then get worse.

The firm mattress

For people who have moderate back pain, this type of bedding is suitable. If it is of good quality, it distributes the weight of the body evenly, which reduces the tension exerted on the back and further relaxes the muscles.

On the other hand, for those who suffer from chronic back pain with severe pain, health professionals advise against the use of a firm mattress. Pressure points may become more sensitive when in contact with a harder surface.

The semi-firm mattress

Le semi-firm mattress lies between the soft mattress and the firm mattress. This is the most recommended type of mattress in case of back pain. It provides optimal body and back support. It has a soft welcome that relaxes muscles and pressure points. It adapts to all sleeping positions.

Regarding its disadvantages, the semi-firm mattress not suitable for heavy people. It is also not suitable for 2 people, if the model lacks sleeping independence. In this case, prefer quality brands.

The orthopedic mattress

Le orthopedic mattress is a mattress specially designed for back pain. It offers good weight distribution. It reduces stress on the back joints. It improves the alignment of the spine.

Other advantages, this mattress adapts to all morphologies and all builds. It supports the body in the best possible way in the different sleeping postures, which helps to relax completely during sleep. And to guarantee more comfort, it has excellent temperature regulation.

But despite all its benefits, the orthopedic mattress also has drawbacks. The first is its high price compared to conventional mattresses. In addition, you should know that there are no official regulations on the use of the term “orthopedic” either. This can mislead when purchasing the mattress.

And the materials that make up the bedding

Even if many neglect this step, be aware that it is also necessary to learn about the materials that make up the mattress. These contribute to the firmness, but not only. It is also on them that the comfort provided by the mattress is largely based.

In order to better guide you in your choice, here are some examples of mattress materials suitable for back pain.

Memory foam

The memory foam mattress represents a great choice for people who have lower back pain.

Thanks to its "shape memory" characteristic, it perfectly matches the different curves of the body. As a result, it relieves pressure areas. It also allows the spine to keep its natural alignment, regardless of the sleeping position.

Relieve your back pain during the night with this very welcoming memory foam mattress. It adapts perfectly to your morphology and your movements. In addition, it has a very good price-performance ratio.

TEENO 90x190CM Luxury Memory Foam Mattress 22cm Thick HR Gel Foam Balanced Comfort
  • Mattress Size: 90×190 cm Luxury Memory Foam Thickness 22 cm Gel Foam HR Balanced Comfort
  • Multi-layer design, including polyester fiber and Visco-memory foam and other materials.
  • This mattress is suitable for 1 person

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There are, however, some minor drawbacks that should not be ruled out.

To begin with, the memory foam mattress is temperature sensitive. When it's hot, the foam will soften and retain the heat. On the other hand, when it is cold, it will become firmer. Of course, it is possible to solve the problem by investing in a thermoregulating mattress topper.

Moreover, as the foam envelops the body, it may be difficult for some people to change positions or move around on the bed. This is especially the case for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

Pocket springs

Just like the memory foam mattress, the pocket spring mattress also provides good body support.

The springs evenly distribute the weight of the body which reduces the pressure on the support zones. By this specificity, we can say that it is perfect for back pain.

For people who do not tolerate heat well, the spring mattress has the advantage of being ventilated.

As for the disadvantages, we must admit that this type of mattress does not really have any, except thatil is quite expensive and very heavy to transport.


The latex mattress has a high elasticity and therefore an optimized support, but flexible. It also offers good sleeping independence.

Equipped with many cells, the latex mattress has good ventilation and properly wicks away moisture.

In addition, latex is a hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite material. What's better than a mattress that preserves hygiene while taking care for your back.

Just like the pocket spring mattress, the latex mattress also has the disadvantages of being expensive and heavy.

Here is our recommendation if you are interested in a latex mattress. In addition, it is ideal for sensitive skin, since the product used is hypoallergenic, tested and approved by thousands of users.

Ergonomic mattress – HR memory foam, Blue Latex, Breathable, Hypoallergenic, Firm comfort – Summer/Winter side
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY: The PerfectSleep mattress has been designed with High Resilience and High Density foam to offer optimal support and adapt perfectly to the shape of the body at the best price.

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Mattress toppers: practical accessories against back pain

Even if the mattress influences back pain, it must be recognized that changing the mattress will not be easy for everyone. As a solution, it is possible to invest for a mattress topper.

As its name suggests, it is a piece of bedding that is placed on the mattress. Depending on your personal needs, it can be used for strengthen or lighten the firmness of the mattress. It is a very practical accessory for people who suffer from back pain.

In addition, to make your choice, it is essential to know the different types of mattress toppers for back pain.

Down mattress topper

Le down mattress topper usually consists of goose feather or duck feather. As a result, it is extremely soft and easily follows the contours of the body.

If you have a sciatic, we recommend this mattress topper :

LUCID 5cm Cellular Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cooling Gel, Mattress Topper 120 x 190 cm
  • MEMORY FOAM - Bring comfort and plushness back to any mattress; plush memory foam supports your body's curves and helps you fall asleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed

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The latex mattress topper

Le latex mattress topper has the same properties as the down mattress topper.

Memory foam mattress topper

Le memory foam mattress topper is indicated for people with scoliosis, herniated discs or others lower back pain.

What are users saying?

Most consumers are satisfied with the specialized mattress for back pain. Composed of quality materials, each model guarantees comfort during sleep. The soft, breathable fabrics and the excellent firmness of the mattress are also very appreciated and ensure a good night's sleep away from unpleasant back pain.

The mattresses with a removable and washable cover have a plus for hygiene. We have selected the best for you.

Mattress with removable and washable cover
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: this square playpen mattress in soft PU foam offers your little one optimal sitting and sleeping comfort

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A few tips for sleeping well

If you don't know yet, lack of sleep is a risk factor for worsening back pain symptoms. This is why it is essential to have quality sleep.

To help you, here are some practical tips to easily fall asleep and sleep peacefully at night.

Listen to the body

When bedtime approaches, the body emits various signals: yawning, itchy eyes, fatigue, feeling cold, etc. These announce the sleep phase. As soon as they appear, go to bed quickly.

Go to bed at a regular time

Going go to bed at the same time every day, you establish a regular rhythm to your biology clock. So when it's time to sleep, it will be easier for you to fall asleep.

Create an atmosphere conducive to sleep in the bedroom

To fall asleep easily and avoid nocturnal awakenings, it is important to feel comfortable in bed and in the bedroom.

To do so:

  • ensure to maintain a cool room temperature, between 18 and 19°C;
  • use a dim light ;
  • turn off the phone, computer and television: the blue light emanating from its devices reduces the production of melatonin (sleep hormone).

To relax

As we all know, stress prevents you from getting to sleep.

To correct this, you have to find ways to relax before going to bed. There meditation, lecture and yoga seem to have proven themselves in this area.

Take herbal teas

Many plants are known to relax and promote sleep. We can for example melissa,hawthorn, valerian, passionflower, Orange Blossom...

If you suffer from insomnia, you can drink a cup of herbal tea made from these plants.

Find the right positions

When you have back pain, it is imperative to find positions that do not arouse the pain during sleep. Here are some examples:

  • sleep on your side and place a cushion between your legs: in this position, the body exerts less pressure on the spine;
  • sleep on your back with a pillow under your head and another under your knees: this position preserves the natural curves of the spine and reduces tension;
  • sleep on your stomach with a cushion under the pelvis and favoring a pillow of a good thickness: the objective is to keep a good alignment of the spine to avoid any risk of constraints.

Even though these positions protect you from pain while you sleep. Remember to change position from time to time so as not to stiffen the muscles and joints. It is also beneficial for blood circulation.

To help you choose a good mattress for your back pain, we offer a list of comfortable products tested and approved by many users.

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Opt for a good pillow to sleep better

Apart from the various tips we have offered and a suitable mattress, choose a good pillow also helps preserve the health of the back. Moreover, it is an interesting tool to relieve the neck pain and torticollis.

In this context, we advise you to invest in a memory foam pillow. It better supports the head and neck, which helps maintain the spine. In order to gain more comfort, you can also invest in an anti-perspiration pillow protector. We have chosen these models for you:

Ergonomic memory foam neck pillow
  • ✅SLEEP IN ANY POSITION: Say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night with neck pain and shoulder problems. ZenPur's High Quality Ergonomic Memory Foam and Anti-Pressure Pillow Fits…

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Hypoallergenic sweat pillow
  • 【Optimal Softness】The 2-pack 60×60 square pillow is filled with 3D plush selected fibers to bring you maximum softness, anti-mite and hypoallergenic fabric is suitable for sleepers with allergies.

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For the shape, we recommend a rectangular pillow. The latter can accommodate your head, neck and shoulders peacefully. In this position, all the curves of the body are respected, without any pressure. The spine will keep its natural alignment and your back pain will not risk waking up. Finally, as for the thickness, simply make sure to choose the volume that puts your neck at the right height in relation to the mattress. You shouldn't feel it elevated.

In summary, choosing a good mattress helps relieve back pain. To achieve this, several criteria must be considered: firmness of the mattress, corpulence, material of manufacture… In any case, remember that the mattress should not be either too soft or too hard. This is what preserves the natural curvature of the spine and limits painful tension in the back.


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