Arm pain: emotional meaning

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Yes, arm pain has emotional meaning, even if it's hard to imagine. This is a question that escapes us, or more precisely that we generally neglect.

Additionally, at present, science and medicine both agree on the existence of the connection between emotions and the body.

Much research has shown that physical pain aside from its medical causes can also stem from emotional issues such as having difficulty expressing yourself, letting go, or letting someone go.

In this article, we will study more specifically the emotional meanings of arm pain.

Arm pain emotional meaning
Arm Pain and Emotional Meaning Source

Emotional Meaning of Arm Pain: 5 Things to Remember

  1. Arms have a major role in everyday life in addition to having an important symbol in our relationship with others.
  2. Arm pain can mean difficulty adjusting, expressing love or affection, letting go, letting someone you love go. They can also mean demotivation.
  3. Pain in any part of the upper limb could have a particular meaning.
  4. Working on your emotions is the key to relieving related arm pain.
  5. Arm pain can also have a medical cause.

Physiological roles of the arms: brief reminder

Before talking about emotional meanings of arm pain, it is appropriate to make a brief reminder of the important roles of this member for human beings.

Indeed, the arms are essential limbs for us human beings. It is thanks to them that we carry out our daily activities, whether it is cleaning, eating, writing, handling objects, etc.

Mediafixer arm are also a means of communication with the others. They allow us to touch, hug and play with someone.

The arms: the symbolism

On the emotional level, arms are used to express our feelings to others. They also symbolize our capacity and way of experiencing life's experiences.

Hand Wrist
Arms are important in our human relationships Source

Are we able to really express what we feel? Are we flexible in the face of change? Are we capable of receiving and giving? Where is our capacity to act? All these feelings can be expressed with the arms.

The emotional meanings of arm pain

Mediafixer arm pain can have several emotional meanings.

Having difficulty adapting

Arm pain is a problem frequently encountered in people who, instead of listening to their heart and their own needs, prefer feel sorry for themselves.

These people do not dare to act and feel powerless in the face of their situations.

In the end, they give up.

Having difficulty expressing love and affection

Not being able to express affection to someone is painful.

The reason may come from a personal problem or from an external problem, but whatever it is, the situation always causes pain and generates strong pressure deep within.

Difficulty expressing yourself
Arm pain can mean difficulty expressing yourself Source

Indeed, a person who is unable to say or show love becomes incapable of forming relationships with others. It is a weight that is heavy to carry and which can sometimes result in arm pain.

In certain cases, this form of reluctance can also be explained by need to protect yourself from someone or others.

Not wanting to let someone go

As we saw above, the arms are used to express our feelings, especially love. Kissing and hugging a person means that you are attached to them.

Unfortunately, separations are an integral part of life. This could be a death, a divorce, a romantic breakup or a friendship breakup.

Faced with these situations, it is generally difficult to let go of your loved one. And that's what feeling of denial which is sometimes felt by pain in the arm.

Wanting to hold someone back
Difficulty letting someone go can cause arm pain Source

Being unable to let go

Learning to let go is an important step when the situation is overwhelming. It allows you to see the problem with hindsight and analyze it better to find appropriate solutions.

On the other hand, when we continue to persist, we will only ruminate and exhaust ourselves under the weight of this burden.

Being unmotivated in what you do

When we lack motivation, whether at work or in our relationships, we are frustrated all the time. We feel like we're trapped in a situation with no way out.

Other possible emotional meanings of arm pain

In addition to the emotional meanings mentioned above, you should also know that arm pain can indicate other emotional problems, depending on their location.

Hand pain

Hands used to grasp, take and manipulate objects. They also allow you to give and receive.

All these qualifications also take on their meaning in the emotional framework. Indeed, the hands symbolize the ability to take, give, share and receive.

pain in the hands

A hand pain can therefore indicate that we find it difficult to act for fear of failure. It is also a sign that we devalue ourselves, which we have difficulty giving or receiving (or both).

Wrist pain

The wrist plays a major role in hand movements. When it is painful, it becomes impossible to lift anything, even a light pencil. It is a very debilitating condition.

Emotionally, the wrist pain translate it lack of self-confidence. It informs us that we do not feel able to assume our responsibilities, that we are incapable of making decisions.

Forearm pain

A forearm pain above all reveals our difficulty expressing our feelings and emotions.

In other circumstances, it expresses our inability to act and our fear of change. It reveals a feeling of insecurity.

Elbow pain

The elbow joint allows the arm to perform all useful movements on a daily basis. It is soft and flexible.

Elbow pain
Elbow pain Source

By these characteristics, the elbow is the part of the body that represents freedom of movement, flexibility as well as the power to accept and adapt to changes in life.

La elbow pain and stiffness are then manifested when we find ourselves trapped in unpleasant circumstances. The situation makes us uncomfortable, while we cannot express ourselves or let go.

Biceps pain

It is the biceps that provide arm strength. It is thanks to them that we can defend ourselves and carry out our activities.

Thus, apart from medical causes, have pain in your biceps can mean that thewe feel guilty for not being able to protect the people we care about.

It is also a sign that we are depriving ourselves of actions and desires that could benefit us.

Shoulder pain

On a daily basis, we use the shoulders to carry loads.

On an emotional level, these charges correspond more to feelings of responsibility, insecurity, pain and joy.

Shoulder pain
Shoulder pain Source

So, when negative feelings concentrate in too large a quantity deep down, they end up weighing us down. That's what we call carry an emotional burden.

Usually the shoulder pain result from negative emotions such asinsecurity emotional (left shoulder pain) andinsecurity hardware (right shoulder pain).

They can also express the lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. In fact, we feel useless, even incapable of assuming our responsibilities, which forces us to withdraw into ourselves.

Shoulder blade pain

Mediafixer shoulder blades contribute to arm mobility. They allow the shoulders to move in all directions. They represent our ability to face life in every way possible.

 When pain occurs in the shoulder blade, this can mean that theon suffers from frustration and the negative actions of those around us. We only endure, without daring to challenge.

Mental causes of arm pain

Certain feelings that arise in our thoughts can be the cause of arm pain..

This particularly concerns negative thoughts such as doubt and fear.

You doubt your abilities and your potential. You do not believe you have the necessary skills to succeed in the tasks assigned to you.

Furthermore, in everything you do, you are afraid of not being up to the task. On a relational level, you are afraid to show your affection and love to others. You avoid hugs and kisses.

Anxiety attack
Mental loads can cause arm pain Source

Medical causes of arm pain

Due to their daily use, the arms can become tired, injured and worn, which causes muscle, joint and even bone pain.

The intensity of the pain and the associated symptoms depend mainly on the pathology that is present. This can be a dislocation, sprain, fracture, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

If the pain mainly affects the left arm, it could be a myocardial infarction. It can also rarely be linked to other underlying diseases such as:

In all cases, it is essential to consult a doctor to clarify the diagnosis.

Get examined if you have arm pain
Get examined if you have arm pain Source

What to do to free yourself from emotional problems related to arm pain?

“Often, physical pain functions to alert a person that emotional work needs to be done.” This is what Doctor Susan Babel, psychologist specializing in depression, said in her article which appeared in Psychology Today magazine.

This article écrit par Fatima Asbayo has also made it possible to analyze the process of chronic pain and alexithymia, a difficulty in identifying and expressing one's emotions.

The article talks about a study carried out with 56 patients who suffer from chronic pain.

The objective is to confirm the existence of emotional dysfunction or emotional psychopathological vulnerability relating to pain.

The method consisted of evaluating the common criteria for the functioning of alexithymia using the Rorschach test.

The results confirmed that patients who suffer from chronic pain do indeed present an alexithymic profile. In addition, we could see that the intensity of pain was at the highest thresholds according to the visual analog scale.

Working on your emotions to relieve emotion-related arm pain

First of all, it is important to determine the situation at the origin of our fear, our frustration and our feelings of guilt. It is only afterwards that we must find the means to free ourselves from it.

Learn to let go

Faced with difficult situations, we must learn to let go. This can be done by changing our habits as well as cleaning up our professional and personal lives.

Let go
Letting go to relieve emotion-related arm pain Source

Take breaks from time to time

When you feel exhausted, it is important to take a break and take stock on the projects we undertake. This is the perfect time to ask ourselves if they are really worth it and if they really deserve the effort we spend. Also, why not start visualizing the things we love, that we desire to have.

Know how to accept

After the death of a loved one or the end of a relationship, you need to know accept reality, let go of events or emotions related to your birth process et turn the page. Of course, this will certainly take time, but with perseverance, it is possible to get through it.

Work on your self-confidence

If we are overwhelmed by doubt and the fear of not being up to something or someone, the best solution is to work on our self-confidence.

Work on self-confidence Source
Work on self-confidence Source

Learn to change what we don't like

If you feel stuck in an unpleasant situation, now is the time toapprendre to take action and make decisions to change what doesn’t suit us.

To go through all these stages, there are various interesting methods that you can explore: EFT, energy healing, kinesiology, osteopathy, the LCE method (Release of Emotional Shocks)…

It should be remembered that some of these therapies remain unconventional and do not present sufficient scientific evidence.


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